Sunday, January 24, 2010

David Wilcock Presents the Exclusive Benjamin Fulford Interview



Benjamin Fulford, former East-West editor for Forbes Magazine, lives in Japan, speaks fluent Japanese, and got drawn into an incredible world of international financial intrigue a few years ago.

He ultimately discovered that there are two major warring factions in the insider world of global politics -- the Rothschild / European / Soviet faction and the Rockefeller / American faction.

I have written extensively about both of these factions -- as well as their opponents -- in my in-progress Ebook, "Disclosure Endgame."

I have also now come up against a hard and fast deadline that cannot be ignored for the completion of the first draft of my upcoming book, to be released with Penguin through their Dutton Books label, entitled "The 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age."

Disclosure Endgame was really just the 'warm-up' for writing 2012 Enigma, which will undoubtedly be seen as the finest written work I have ever produced. I have been going through all my old files and making sure no stone is unturned.

In the process, there was a lot of material that was not going to be included in 2012 Enigma but still needed to get out there. When current events and new information shed even greater light on these subjects, I knew it was time to release the information in a big way.

I will still be publishing here at Divine Cosmos while I wrestle with these massive deadlines, and I do have some incredible material that we are preparing for release.

This weekend I'm in San Francisco for our latest 16-hour weekend extravaganza, but I've again taken time away from my other responsibilities to insure that I keep you in the loop with the latest developments.

This discussion with Benjamin Fulford focuses in on a very important subject -- namely the imminent downfall of the Rockefeller faction. It doesn't seem possible, but there is a wealth of evidence emerging that we are directly on the threshold of this event happening, whether they like it or not.

What is so exciting about this whole series of events is that the Rockefeller faction has been the main driving force for secrecy and cover-ups of the UFO issue. If their power is curtailed, it is very likely that Disclosure will follow.