Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Construction and the Purpose of the Giza Pyramids

Credit: SeattleTruth from AboveTopSecret.com

The following is a detailed corroboration of data that may very well explain the construction and purpose of the Giza Pyramids provided by AboveTopSecret.com member, "SeattleTruth". Please excuse the large length of the article, but I assure you that this is well worth the read. My thanks and appreciation to this member for a thorough job in researching this phenomenon:


I know that everybody and their sister has a theory of what the Giza pyramids were built for, but every single one them doesn't really explain what the machine truly accomplished, or tie in how they were built to the purpose of the largest machines in the world. At this point anyone who has researched the issue at all knows that one thing is for certain: they weren't burial tombs. Not a single mummy was found. No hieroglyphs whatsoever inside the "King's Chamber".

Only after researching alternative technologies that are held back by the powers that be, have I thought of a coherent theory which ties many aspects and mysteries of the pyramids together. Some of the technologies I'll be talking about seem so far fetched, and you might be quick to call me crazy. I implore you to actually research each and every one of these technologies in detail, and the science that makes them work. These technologies are real, and make scientific sense, although at this time, they haven't been fully explored or mastered by the general populace (although probably by military). Some of these technologies were in fact mastered by rogue geniuses within the last century, who unfortunately took their mastery to the grave with them. Still, at this point in time, there are enough clues to put the pieces together and have a basic understanding of the principles behind these technologies.

One thing that's apparent about the pyramids is that whoever built them were masters of sound. Masters of Frequency. I'm not saying they could eat beans and toot Beethoven's 5th on command, I'm saying that they knew the true powers that sounds and frequencies could yield. It's common knowledge that the dimensions of the chambers of the pyramid actually create resonating chambers for sound. Check out this page for more information. www.humanresonance.org...

Well, that's cool I guess. Maybe they just liked to yodel loud enough to piss off the town folks. Just kidding. There has to be a reason to why they'd be resonating sounds.

Now, lets skip to a theory that was posted on ATS recently that revealed that the underground chambers in the Gizamids were actually part of a "hydraulic ram pump". Meaning that they were using the water and from the Nile to pump water up inside the pyramid. It's an ingenious concept because it requires no external power source other than the flowing water. Here's an explanation of how a hydraulic ram pump works: www.howstuffworks.com.... And here's a video showing evidence of it in the pyramid, and also built SCALE MODELS of the device in action.

Ok, remember I said that whoever built the pyramids were true masters of sound / frequency? I'm sure many people are also aware of "acoustic levitation" or "harmonic grid levitation" or "resonant levitation" or whatever you want to call it. This is actually the most prominent theory that explains exactly how these massive stones, anywhere from a few tonnes, up to 100s of tonnes were not only moved from their quarries, but also how they were stacked without using gigantic steel cranes and modern machinery. The best evidence that this technique was used (besides the lack of trees in Egypt which could have been used to roll the stones), is the stacks of blocks that were relieved from the around the Sphinx. I'm sure all of you guys know the Sphinx was carved, not built. But in order to carve it, they had to first cut out the area surrounding it. If humans using hand tools and normal means of building had quarried the relief stones around the Sphinx, they would have cut and removed them in maybe 50 lb blocks, or 100 lb blocks, or maybe 500 lb blocks. Instead, the massive stones quarried were actually 200 tonne blocks. And not only did they move them nearby, but they stacked these 200 tonne blocks. Not something that a normal logical human with hand tools and vine ropes would do, right? Geological analysis of the blocks prove exactly where they came from.

This resonant frequency levitation was also mastered by Ed Leedskalnin, who built the magnificent Coral Castle in Florida in the first half of 1900s. He was not much taller than 5' and weighed less than 120lbs, yet was able to cut, move and stack 15-30 tonne blocks by himself. Here's a documentary explaining the basic theory and how Coral Castle in general. (NOTE: Information on the findings of Edward Leedskalnin and Coral Castle can also be found in Approaching Critical Mass - Module 3)

Basically, how harmonic levitation works is this: The crystalline structure of the blocks is made of dipole molecules. A dipole means that it has a magnetic positive and negative. Every stone / molecule a series of harmonic frequencies that cause the poles of the molecules to arrange in a specific manner. When the correct arrangement of the magnetic poles is achieved, it will literally repel the gravity of earth, and will levitate.

Ok, so it's just a theory, you say? No proof, huh? Hutchinson effects work on basically the same principles. Watch this video to see some proof of various objects levitating and doing weird things that can't be explained by normal physics. Watch the 70 lb metal ball float, amongst other things.

Hutchinson may not have mastery of these effects, but the technology has none the less been suppressed. In the early 90s he was given a $20k grant and flown to Ft. Detrick to study the effects further. After he taught the army everything he knew, they canceled further research and told him to get lost. Being a Canadian, they sure weren't going to teach him what they knew, or help to further the technology without secrecy.

Back to the ancient Egyptians, there's some more mysteries that have yet to be explained. Hieroglyphs might not be prevalent in the pyramids themselves, but in pitch-black temples and tombs nearby they are literally covered with hieroglyphs on the ceilings. Yet no soot or sulfur residues were left behind. Not even a trace. People have tried to align mirrors to shine light in, but it just doesn't work after a few turns in the temples. Some external source of energy must have been used. There's even hieroglyphs that some people claim are pictures of a light bulb.

And of course we also have evidence of "Baghdad Batteries":

Obviously the acidic solution in Baghdad batteries weren't capable of producing much power, but apparently if used in series they could produce enough to electroplate things. Now, obviously this wouldn't provide enough power to illuminate a light source, but it shows that electricity had been in use and understood even by the primitive peoples in Baghdad, who were far less developed than the ancient Egyptians, and far far less developed than whoever built the pyramids.

Now, it's still not all tied together. What do all of these technologies have to do with each other? Why did the Egyptians use hydraulic ram pumps to make water flow through the pyramid? What do the resonating chambers have to do with anything? How did they create electricity for their light sources? From their use of acoustic levitation, obviously they were masters of frequency, but how did they power their frequency generating machines that they used to levitate the blocks? And what does frequency have to do with the Giza pyramid machine?

Ok. Now skip to modern day. What is water made out of? H2O. So, that's 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Makes a good fuel. Conventional science has known for a long time that we can use electrolysis to break apart the water molecule into its respective hydrogen and oxygen molecules. This is a known fact that even middle school science teacher will admit. The only problem is that there is more energy consumed in the electrolysis process than is rendered from the hydrogen and oxygen that gets released. So that doesn't do us much good, right?

But what if there's a better way? In fact, there is a better way. In the 1980s a genius inventor named Stanley Meyer invented special circuitry that made it able to break apart water molecules much more efficiently than normal electrolysis would allow, in turn allowing him to create far more energy from the water than he was consuming from the electrical source. Coincidentally, this special circuitry is all based off of the resonant frequency of water. The system will not work at all unless the exact resonant frequency of said water molecule is used, and of course that frequency can change based on the impurities in the water, salt content, etc. So in other words, you'd have to be a frequency master in order to get it to work. Who else do we know that were masters of frequency? After receiving numerous patents, Stanley Meyers was poisoned to death in 1998, before any of his products came to the market.

The basic principle is this: remember I was talking about dipole molecules? Molecules that have a positive magnetic side, and a negative magnetic side. Normal electrolysis can use the magnetic principles of water to rip it apart, but it uses a ton of energy. If the exact resonant frequency of the water in question is used, along with special circuitry that multiplies the voltage, while reducing the amperage to as little as possible, the resonant frequency will cause the water molecule to temporary "elongate". A normal oxygen molecule has 6 electrons, but can hold up to 8 in it's stable state. That makes it accept the 2 electrons of the hydrogen atoms. When the water molecule elongates, it allows the hydrogen atoms to be ripped from the oxygen atom very easily. In turn, this produces "hydroxy gas", called "Brown's Gas" or "HHO", which are basically forms of hydrogen and oxygen.

Ok, so you don't believe me, right? Here's some videos showing the devices in action and the basic principles.

Still don't believe me that this technology is possible? Stanley Meyers wasn't the only one to learn how to use this technology. Not only have numerous replications of Stanley's HHO generator been made, like these instructions dictate here: www.panaceauniversity.org... with video of that exact project here:

But also, another man named John Kanzius had developed similar frequency based technologies to break apart water molecules before he died recently.

So do you finally believe that water can be broken apart easily using frequencies? Ok, good. Now I can get on to my real theory explaining the purpose of the Giza Pyramid Machine, used by these blatant masters of frequency that built the massive machines, whoever they were.

I believe that the hydraulic ram pumps were used to pump water up through the pyramids, and the resonating chambers were used to help amplify the frequencies that they were using to break the water molecules apart.

Once they broke the water molecules apart into hydrogen and oxygen, they used that to generate electricity and also to purify water.

Another big mystery is the missing capstone of the pyramid. My guess is this: the capstone was never there. Instead, it was a spot to balance their space craft. It was balanced up there to charge up off the energy created from inside the pyramid.

The Aliens that built the pyramid might have had to build them out of necessity, cause their ships were damaged or needed more power or something.

Now that part of the theory is just a guess, but I'm fairly positive after looking at all the evidence, and seeing how well they understood frequencies and their effects on matter, that I'm almost sure that the pyramids were used as an ancient power plant.

We use nuclear power today, but that takes lots of refining of uranium, lots of metal, etc. My bet is that they were actually more advanced than us today, and were using water from the Nile to generate power, with no radioactive byproducts.

Talk about "alternative energy" and "green power".

Oh yeah, one more piece of the puzzle that falls into place:

We know that the "Illuminati" were direct descendants of the worshipers of Amen-Ra the Egyptian god.

We've been taught up to this point to believe that "Illuminati" means they were "illuminated by knowledge". I'm sure that's the case, as well, as obviously lots of ancient knowledge was known, but what if it also means that they were literally illuminated!

What if they were the keepers of energy? Not only knowledge.