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NASA's Deep Space Camera Locates Host of 'Earths'

Scientists celebrated Sunday after finding more than 700 suspected new planets -- including up to 140 similar in size to Earth -- in just six weeks of using a powerful new space observatory.

Early results from NASA’s Kepler Mission, a small satellite observing deep space, suggested planets like Earth were far more common than previously thought.

Past discoveries suggested most planets outside our solar system were gas giants such as Jupiter and Saturn -- but the new evidence tipped the balance in favor of solid worlds.

Astronomers said the discovery meant the chances of eventually finding truly Earth-like planets capable of sustaining life rose sharply.

NASA so far formally announced only five new exoplanets -- those outside our solar system -- from the mission because its scientists were still analyzing Kepler’s finds to confirm they are actually planets.

“The figures suggest our galaxy, the Milky Way [which has more than 100 billion stars] will contain 100 million habitable planets, and soon we will be identifying the first of them,” said Dimitar Sasselov, professor of astronomy at Harvard University and a scientist on the Kepler Mission. "There is a lot more work we need to do with this, but the statistical result is loud and clear, and it is that planets like our own Earth are out there."

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Friday, July 23, 2010

UFO near White House emits a beam of light

A hyperdimensional UFO in over flight approximately one mile south east of the White House in Washington, DC appears to have fired a ray of light or directed energy beam in the vicinity of the White House.

The incident, which occurred on July 20, 2010 at 3:18 AM, was photographed in high-speed, high definition photographs by Wilbur “Will” Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Mr. Allen is also a talented professional photographer for major motion picture studios such as Warner Brothers and record labels such as DefJam.

Mr. Allen states, “On July 20, 2010 at 3:18:07 AM in NW Washington DC, a relatively short distance from the White House, I imaged a slow moving UFO pulse through the sky, and then [observed the UFO] fire an energy beam which extended from it.” Mr. Allan also states, “I took several stationary images of the stars as I usually do. However, there is one object I thought to be a star, moving and then discharging a beam of light!!!.... There is one frame that does not make much sense? A Star is either moving or shooting a beam of light that is ‘bent’? The motion is not registered with any of the other ‘stars’ in this sampling.”

Bibiana Bryson, Director of Exopolitica Argentina has also prepared an explanatory video of Mr. Allan’s photographs, available in the article below.

Mr. Allen’s photographs of the incident have been assembled in a special slideshow in the article below.

Hyperdimensional UFOs have been photographed over the U.S. Capitol, Washington monument, and in restricted P-56A air space since at least 1950. Area P-56A restricts airspace around the U.S. Capitol and White House in Washington, DC.

Mr. Allen has photographed hyperdimensional UFOs in restricted P-56A airspace overflying and landing on the U.S. capitol in 2002 and 2008, as well as hyperdimensional UFOs over the July 4, 2002 celebration on the U.S. Capitol Mall. This appears to be a first photograph near the White House where a hyperdimensional UFO is emitting a ray of light or directed energy beam.

As this article discusses, it is reasonable to whether this event may be (1) horseplay or creative signaling by a hyperdimensional UFO from an inter-dimensional intelligent source as a consciousness awakener to the public at large through Mr. Allen. A veritable lightshow of creative signaling from hyperdimensional UFOs took place over the Millennial Celebration on January 1, 2000; (2) a false flag event from a U.S. or other black ops vehicle; or (3) a ‘socially destabilizing’ event of the sort that John Podesta, Co-Chair of the Obama Transition Team is reported to have warned Mr. Allen his work would result in.

Hyperdimensional UFO emits directed energy ray near White House readers can view the video assembled by Bibiana Bryson, Director of Exopolitica Argentina, from the high speed, high definition photographs that Mr. Allen took of the hyperdimensional UFO and apparent directed energy (or light) beam.

Mr. Allen has also created a video from his photographs that readers can access by clicking here.

Will Allen & hyperdimensional UFOs over restricted airspace in Washington DC
It seems reasonable to speculate that the UFO Mr. Allen photographed on July 20, 2010 at 3:18 AM was an intentional incursion by an intelligent hyperdimensional civilization into the airspace adjacent to the White House.

Mr. Allen has long-standing apparent working relationship with an apparent intelligent hyperdimensional civilization behind the hyperdimensional UFOs he photographs. He has a solid record of accurate, high speed, high definition photographs of hyperdimensional UFOs in the P-56A restricted airspace over Washington DC and adjacent to the White House.

This reporter has noted that Mr. Allen’s photographs of UFOs flying over and landing on the roof of the U.S. Capitol on July 16, 2002 were taken 50 years from July 16, 1952, when UFOs were photographed over the U.S. Capitol. Mr. Allen’s historic photographs of the July 16, 2002 event together with UFO sightings and landings by U.S. Senate buildings, and the Washington Monument are set out a Slide Show in a previous article here.

Mr. Allen, who grew up on U.S. military bases and now resides in Washington, DC, has stated that at age five he was visited by a group of “four to five grey extraterrestrials in silver spacesuits” who implanted him with a device.

That implant device went undetected during all the years of his military and White House service, and now signals him to go to specific locations in Washington, DC where he is instructed to photograph extraterrestrial craft and personnel that enter P-56A restricted Capitol Hill airspace through hyperdimensional Star gates at extremely high speeds. Mr. Allen, who has reported some of these UFO/ET landings to the U.S. Capitol Police, states that the police have told him his photographs confirm ET/UFO landings their officers are also encountering.

Mr. Allen believes that his photographs, which are forensic in quality, document that the same intelligent hyperdimensional civilization was behind the July 16, 1952 and the July 16, 2002 flyovers of the U.S. Capitol. These UFO/ET flyovers are continuing into the present. Mr. Allen states that the civilization communicating with him and directing his photographic documentation of their hypervelocity landings on the U.S. Capitol are “grey and human-hybrid.” There is no independent evidence that the intelligent civilization behind the hyperdimensional UFOs appearing to Mr. Allen is grey of human-hybrid.

Through advanced photo-analysis, Mr. Allen has established dimensional similarities between the UFO phenomena (1) surrounding the 1944 “Foo Fighters;” (2) the UFO/ET phenomena filmed by the Walt Disney company at the Lincoln Memorial on July 26, 1952; (3) the UFO/ET phenomena overlying the U.S. Capitol on July 16, 1952 (and during the July 13-29, 1952 Washington, DC UFO flap); (4) the UFO/ET phenomena over flying the U.S. Capitol 50 years later on July 16, 2002; (5) the UFO/ET phenomena appearing over the Washington Monument (Washington, DC) on July 4, 2002; (6) (5) ET/UFO phenomena photographed at the U.S. Capitol on November 17, 2008; (7) The UFO/ET phenomenon photographed as reflected on Commander Buzz Aldrin’s visor as he walked on the Moon during Apollo 16 (April 21-24, 1972).

According to Mr. Allen’s photo-analysis, each of the UFO/ET phenomena mentioned above was capable of dimensional shift into a self-generated Star gate phenomenon
UFO 'Ray of Light' near the White House.

It is not unreasonable to ascribe intentionality to the hyperdimensional UFO that performed a dimensional shift into a self-generated Star gate phenomenon and entered Washington DC airspace one mile south east of the White House, emitting a ray of light or directed energy beam.

Mr. Allen appears to be a selected ‘go to’ photographer’ for these advanced hyperdimensional UFO incursion events in Washington DC that have high symbolic value.
For example, Mr. Allen – on cue from hyperdimensional intelligence - photographed hyperdimensional UFOs over the U.S. Capitol in July 2002, 50 years exactly from July 1952 UFO over flights of the U.S. Capitol. Mr. Allan states that, in his opinion, the same hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilization was responsible for both events.

Context communication theory of extraterrestrial communication
The context communication theory of extraterrestrial communication, developed by Alfred Lambremont Webre in 1974, states that many UFO encounters are in fact contextual, symbolic communications by the intelligent source behind the UFO encounter itself to the UFO witnesses or to humanity at large, much in the same way that a dream is a contextual, symbolic communication from the dreamer’s subconscious mind to her or his conscious mind.

In this light, Mr. Allen’s encounter with a hyperdimensional ‘slow-moving UFO that emits a ray of light or directed energy beam one mile from the White House’ may be reasonably interpreted within at least three alternative frames.

1. Creative signaling in ‘‘enlightened universal consciousness’ - The hyperdimensional UFO and ray of light may be horseplay or creative signaling by a hyperdimensional UFO from an inter-dimensional intelligent source as a unity consciousness awakener to the public at large through Mr. Allen.

A veritable lightshow of creative universal consciousness signaling from hyperdimensional UFOs took place over the Millennial Celebration on January 1, 2000.
Author Robert Stanley reports that there was a UFO/ET flyover of P-56A restricted airspace during the Millennial Celebration of December 31, 1999 – January 1, 2000, which was attended by approximately 1,000,000 persons. According to Mr. Stanley, numerous UFOs appeared to emanate from five cylindrical motherships and perform acrobatics over the assembled crowd, much to the delight of onlookers. Mr. Stanley notes that the U.S. Capitol police, responsible for security, did not panic.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, “the [UFO/ET incident took place at 1A.M. on January 1, 2000. After the witness attended America's Millennium celebration, the person with a friend walked to the Metro station. He heard the firework explosions from a barge on the Potomac River behind the Lincoln Monument. He noticed near the monument what appeared to be shooting stars. He looked again and ‘saw a pair of dark but lit cylindrical objects 'flying' in formation from NW to SE passing directly over (him).’ In the next minute he saw three other cylindrical objects. His friend did not notice the objects. This witness outside the Metro station observed 5 cylindrical objects moving at a high speed over the sky.”

This ‘universal consciousness-raising’ frame for the July 20, 2010 ‘Ray of Light’ UFO Mr. Allen photographed near the White House in Washington, DC is congruent with an interpretation of UFOs that goes back to Carl Jung, the archetypal psychologist who saw UFOs as ‘mandalas’ for raising humanity’s consciousness.

As Alfred Lambremont Webre has noted, “The weekend of July 17-18, 2010 (“Conscious Convergence”) marked a portal in linear time when the singularity at the core of our universe began to emanate an intentional ‘pre-wave’ to a final 9th wave of universal, ‘enlightened universal consciousness’ that will, according to some, begin on March 9, 2011, end on October 28, 2011. From then on the singularity at the core of our universe will emanate constant ‘enlightened universal consciousness.’”

The hyperdimensional intelligent civilization behind the July 20 ‘Ray of Light’ UFO is presumably aware of higher universe energy wave patterns, such as the entry of the 9th wave of non-dualistic universal consciousness energy on March 9, 2011.
By this view, the ‘Ray of Light’ UFO near the White House Center of Government of the (dualistic mindset) military superpower serves an important consciousness raising function.

2. A false flag event from a U.S. or other black ops ‘UFO’ vehicle - In a 2004 interview with researcher Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Carol Rosin, President of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), relates her conversations with Dr. Wernher von Braun (whom she characterizes as a whistleblower) on Dr. von Braun’s deathbed. Dr. Rosin stated that Dr. von Braun had leaked to her that “Extraterrestrials” were included on the U.S. military-intelligence “Enemy’s list” necessary to sustain the war mode and Pentagon budgets was a false flag invasion from “Extraterrestrials.” “Soviet Union, terrorists, and asteroids (Planet X, Nibiru, brown dwarf memes) were others on the “America’s Enemy List” that Dr. von Braun leaked to Dr. Carol Rosin.
The basic issue is whether the ‘hyperdimensional UFO’ is sourced by an intelligence that is part of a ‘false flag’ war between ‘evil aliens’ and the ‘terrestrial allies’ led presumably by the U.S. and U.K. governments and a terrestrial elite that are promoting the 2012-13 ‘catastrophic timeline’ in order to implement a global depopulation and wage slavery program.

The unity consciousness contextual character of ‘Ray of Light’ seems to cast doubt on this alternative frame.

The July 20, 2010 ‘Ray of Light’ UFO does not appear to be a psychological fear-generator, as false flag ops require.

3. A ‘socially destabilizing’ event of the sort that John Podesta, Co-Chair of the Obama Transition Team is reported to have warned Mr. Allen his work would result in.
In an earlier interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Mr. Allen stated that “Everett Bellamy (Senior Assistant Dean of Georgetown Law Center), on behalf of John Podesta, who is a full-time faculty member at Georgetown Law Center, a former White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton (1998-2001) and Co-chair of the Obama Transition Team (2008-9), told Mr. Allen that the frequent UFO and extraterrestrial over flights and landings on the U.S. Capitol that Mr. Allen is able to document photographically using state of the art high definition equipment could, if made widely public, “destabilize society,” and urged Mr. Allen to cease his activity documenting these UFO/ET over fights and landings.”

Destabilizing society or destabilizing the dualistic mindset in the U.S. government?
It appears there may be a reasonable basis to conclude that the July 20, 2010 ‘Ray of Light’ UFO could destabilize the dualistic mindset in the White House and the U.S. government.

As Alfred Lambremont Webre has noted, John Podesta, Co-chair of the Obama transition team and a public champion of declassification of the UFO phenomenon, is a friend on Mr. Allen’s. Mr. Allen reports that John Podesta has stated he believes Mr. Allen’s work could “destabilize society.” Mr. Allen responded in the ExopoliticsRadio interview by saying that society appears to be destabilizing itself with systems that are designed to fail. Mr. Allen states he is documenting an important UFO/ET presence that should be publicly examined.

As Alfred Lambremont Webre has reported in "Obama team covers up citizen extraterrestrial disclosure input on White House website", although declassification of the UFO/ET issue ranked high on the Obama transition team public agenda which Mr. Podesta was ultimately responsible for, all mention of the UFO/ET issue was deleted from the Obama White House website once the Obama administration took office.

It now appears that Mr. Podesta has been intimately aware of Mr. Allen’s documentation of ongoing UFO/ET hypervelocity flyovers over the U.S. Capitol in P-56A protected airspace. At the same time, Mr. Podesta has directly stated to Mr. Allen that he believes Mr. Allen’s documentation of these UFO/ET flyovers and landings.
One can legitimately ask on what basis did the Obama team intervene to cover up citizen extraterrestrial disclosure input on the Obama White House website. Was this White House cover-up in any way connected to Mr. Podesta’s expressed opinions about the documented UFO/ET flyovers and landings that Mr. Allen is documenting?

As Alfred Lambremont Webre has reported in “White House Press Association, press secretary Robert Gibbs block ET, UFO press questions to Obama”, “the White House press corps, and the White House press secretary have constructed an elaborate self-censorship scheme operating on peer pressure and invisible editor gate keeping to ensure that no question regarding the extraterrestrial and UFO question will be asked of the Presidential press secretary or the U.S. President in the press briefing room or in any Presidential press conference.”

John Podesta is a high-ranking Obama transition team White House adviser, and among the most knowledgeable about the UFO/ET presence. One can reasonably ask on what basis was this policy instituted of no press questions to the Obama White House? Is this policy of no White House press questions on UFO/ET in any way connected to Mr. Podesta’s expressed opinions about the documented UFO/ET flyovers and landings that Mr. Allen is documenting?


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Planet Found With Comet-like Tail

An alien planet orbits so close to its star that its atmosphere is being blasted away, forming a gaseous, comet-like tail, astronomers announced Thursday.

(Related: "Odd Star Sheds Comet-like Tail.")

About 153 light-years from Earth, planet HD 209458b hugs its star so tightly that the planet's atmosphere is likely a scorching 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,093 degrees Celsius) an a year passes in just 3.5 days—making Mercury's 88-day orbit seem downright leisurely.

That tight orbit also means this gas giant—meaning it's made primarily of gas—is subjected to blistering forces from its host star, which scientists say are the cause of HD 209458b's comet-like tail.

"This planet is getting blasted by the star and that's blowing the atmosphere off," said astronomer Cynthia Froning of the University of Colorado, who was involved in the study of the comet-like planet.

(Also see "Star 'Eating' Superhot Planet's Atmosphere.")

Comet-like Tail Streaming Toward Earth

HD 209458b is one of the few known transiting planets—planets that appear to periodically cross the faces of their host stars, as seen from Earth.

This means light from HD 209458b's star must pass through the planet's atmosphere before reaching us.

By studying the filtered starlight, astronomers can determine such a planet's atmospheric composition and also the direction and velocity that any gas lost to space is moving.

Using the Hubble Space Telescope's Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, astronomers recently detected evidence of a tapered gas tail streaming away from HD 209458b and toward Earth at a speed of about 22,000 miles an hour (35,400 kilometers an hour).

Comet-Like Planet to Disappear?

The most likely explanation for the comet-like feature is that the star's solar wind—actually a stream of charged particles—is evaporating the gas giant a bit at a time, astronomers say.

HD 209458b is losing about 80,000 pounds (36,000 kilograms) of mass a day—or about a billionth of Earth's mass every year, according to the new research.

Given enough time, the comet-like planet could theoretically evaporate away completely, but it would take about a trillion years. "That's longer than the life of the star," Froning said.

It's unclear how long the superheated alien world's "tail" is or how long it's been losing mass, but it's almost certain the erosion process has been happening for at least several million years, she added.

(Related: "New 'Impossible' Planet May Be on a Death Spiral.")

Comet-like Planets Common?

While its been speculated that stars can blast away planets' masses, HD 209458b is the "first confirmation" that atmospheric stripping is a real phenomenon, said study leader Jeff Linsky, also of the University of Colorado.

And since HD 209458b is a pretty typical "hot Jupiter"—the nickname for close-orbiting gas giants—it's "almost certain" that all hot Jupiters have comet-like tails, Linsky said.

"I think they're all going to be losing mass, and they're all inevitably going to have tails," he added.

The comet-like planet research is detailed in the July 10 issue of Astrophysical Journal.


Monday, July 19, 2010

The Week of Government Disclosure: Top Secret America

Signs of the cosmic convergence perhaps? The Washington Post reveals Top Secret America Disclosure:

Top Secret America - Washington Post:

The Washington Post has unveiled its comprehensive, alarming, and much-anticipated report on "Top Secret America." The dedicated site details the billions of dollars in private, for-profit intelligence operations that have emerged since Sept. 11, 2001, which the Post calls our "fourth branch" of government. Led by reporters William Arkin and Pulitzer Prize-winner Dana Priest, the investigation was two years in the making and shook up the vast U.S. intelligence community even before it was released. The "Top Secret America" website includes articles, videos, interactive features, and maps all begging to be explored. But here's the executive summary.

The Intelligence-Industrial Complex Priest and Arkin write, "This is not exactly President Dwight D. Eisenhower's 'military-industrial complex,' which emerged with the Cold War and centered on building nuclear weapons to deter the Soviet Union. This is a national security enterprise with a more amorphous mission: defeating transnational violent extremists. Much of the information about this mission is classified. That is the reason it is so difficult to gauge the success and identify the problems of Top Secret America, including whether money is being spent wisely. ... the Bush administration and Congress gave agencies more money than they were capable of responsibly spending. ... In all, at least 263 organizations have been created or reorganized as a response to 9/11. Each has required more people, and those people have required more administrative and logistic support. ... With so many more employees, units and organizations, the lines of responsibility began to blur."

Our Fourth Branch The introductory video states, "In response to 9/11, a fourth branch has emerged. It is protected from public scrutiny by overwhelming secrecy. ... It has become so big, and the lines of responsibility so blurred, that even our nation's leaders don't have a handle on it. Where is it? It's being built from coast to coast, hidden within some of America's most familiar cities and neighborhoods. In Colorado, in Nebraska, in Texas, in Florida, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Top Secret America includes hundreds of federal departments and agencies operating out of 1300 facilities around this country. They contract of nearly 2,000 companies. In all, more people than live in our nation's capital have top secret security clearance." The screen flashes "850,000 Americans with top secret clearance."

Why This Is Dangerous The Post's editors write in an introductory note, "When it comes to national security, all too often no expense is spared and few questions are asked - with the result an enterprise so massive that nobody in government has a full understanding of it. It is, as Dana Priest and William M. Arkin have found, ubiquitous, often inefficient and mostly invisible to the people it is meant to protect and who fund it. ... Within a responsible framework, our objective is to provide as much information as possible, so readers gain a real, granular understanding of the scale and breadth of the top-secret world we are describing."

5 Points on the Private Spy Industry's Huge Size Priest and Arkin write, "(1) Some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States. (2) An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances. (3) In Washington and the surrounding area, 33 building complexes for top-secret intelligence work are under construction or have been built since September 2001. Together they occupy the equivalent of almost three Pentagons or 22 U.S. Capitol buildings - about 17 million square feet of space. (4) Many security and intelligence agencies do the same work, creating redundancy and waste. For example, 51 federal organizations and military commands, operating in 15 U.S. cities, track the flow of money to and from terrorist networks. (5) Analysts who make sense of documents and conversations obtained by foreign and domestic spying share their judgment by publishing 50,000 intelligence reports each year - a volume so large that many are routinely ignored."

How This Size Makes National Security Impossible Priest and Arkin explain:
Underscoring the seriousness of these issues are the conclusions of retired Army Lt. Gen. John R. Vines, who was asked last year to review the method for tracking the Defense Department's most sensitive programs. Vines, who once commanded 145,000 troops in Iraq and is familiar with complex problems, was stunned by what he discovered.

"I'm not aware of any agency with the authority, responsibility or a process in place to coordinate all these interagency and commercial activities," he said in an interview. "The complexity of this system defies description."
The result, he added, is that it's impossible to tell whether the country is safer because of all this spending and all these activities. "Because it lacks a synchronizing process, it inevitably results in message dissonance, reduced effectiveness and waste," Vines said. "We consequently can't effectively assess whether it is making us more safe."


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Fleet of UFOs Sighted Over London


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Official Now. Phobos Contains Hollow Voids



We report independent results from two subgroups of the Mars Express Radio Science (MaRS) team who independently analyzed Mars Express (MEX) radio tracking data for the purpose of determining consistently the gravitational attraction of the moon Phobos on the MEX spacecraft, and hence the mass of Phobos. New values for the gravitational parameter (GM = 0.7127 ± 0.0021 × 10−3 km3/s2) and density of Phobos (1876 ± 20 kg/m3) provide meaningful new constraints on the corresponding range of the body's porosity (30% ± 5%), provide a basis for improved interpretation of the internal structure. We conclude that the interior of Phobos likely contains large voids. When applied to various hypotheses bearing on the origin of Phobos, these results are inconsistent with the proposition that Phobos is a captured asteroid.


Hollow Phobos.

It's official now.

A scientific search, carried out from an independent team by Mars Express Radio Science (MaRS), has analyzed the monitoring radio data of Mars Express (MEX), on board of the same probe, with the intention to determine in coherent way the gravitational attraction of the Mars moon Phobos and therefore the mass of the celestial body.

New values for the gravitational parameter supplies meaningful new ties on the Phobos range porosity correspondent for a better interpretation of the internal structure.

The scientists conclude that, in all probability, the inside of Phobos is composed by an empty one of great dimensions.

The conclusions of the scientists EXCLUDE the thesis that Phobos is an asteroid captured from the gravitational Mars attraction.

Then Phobos is not a captured asteroid?

Then Phobos is hollow?

And how Phobos has arrived in the gravitational field of MARS?

This thesis was proposed in year 1959 from the Soviet astrophysical Iosif Shklovsky, which supported the hypothesis that Phobos was of not natural origin and that the inside of the celestial body was HOLLOW.

And now confirmed!

This discovery, made recently, opens new and alarming interrogative.

This search would guarantee the hypothesis that Phobos is artificial?

Maybe Mr. Richard Hoagland was right...


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Watch the Solar Eclipse Live

You can tune into the Solar eclipse live by visiting The Shift Online Community:

Eclipse begins at approximately 1:10pm PST.

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Evidence of Hollow Earth - FantasyLand

***Technically, it's more of a hollow earth cavity existing within the earth's crust, and not in the center of the planet. Just thought I'd mention this for posterity purposes.*** - Brad.


Here is something to both feast your eyes upon as well as begin dwelling upon pertaining to how much we as humans really do not know, and about how much we as humans still have left to discover! Welcome to a Hollow Earth... at least part of it!

Location: District of Chihuahua, Mexico. The Naica Mines.

In 1910, at a depth of 120 meters, workers of the Penoles Mining Corporation involved with the extraction of base metal ores blasted into a cavity of untold amazement. Realizing the discovery, the tunnel that was being excavated was redirected, and the cavity sealed. What was it that caused the company to seal this cavity?

Several decades later, in 2002 and at a depth of 320 meters, the Penoles Mining Corporation, again, blasted into a broad reaching cavity that spanned off into darkness. The difference with this discovery is that the workers were blasted with a wave of air from the cavity that scalded thier skin, as the temperatures there rose to 160 degrees Farenheight!

This location too, was sealed with a huge Iron door, and the excavation rerouted.

The Mexican government has taken control of these locations, even though they are still "owned" by the Mining corporation, by enacting laws protecting these sites. What is the big deal here? What was so special about these locations, and why is it that the government had to step in?

Because these two locations were declared by the Mexican Government as NationalTreasures!

What was the "treasure"? Let's pay a visit in images, to find out! Welcome to the Cavern of the Crystals, The Queen's Eye Cavern, and Cave of Swords - Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico!


A little understanding... The location these caverns were discovered also sits atop a broad reaching batholith of molten lava, so the temperatures here altered the minerals that formed in these caves. Normally, you'd see the usual travertine, calcitic, and onyx based minerals in caverns consisting of Stalactites, Soda Straws, Stalagmites, and Rock Curtains. The heat index in these caverns however changed everything, forming complex paterns in the forms of Gypsum and Selenite Crystals.

At 160 degrees Farenheight, visiting the Cavern of the Crystals can be rather opressive, thus the exploratory crew prepares with cooling suit apparati and cooled oxygen breathing apparati.

See entire article here.

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Red dwarfs may be safe havens for extraterrestrial life

The first inhabited exoplanet will revolve around a nearby red dwarf star found in surveys taken within 100 light-years of Earth, it is predicted.

This is so because red dwarfs outnumber sun-like stars and so provide many more targets. And since red dwarfs are dim, planets orbiting them will not be as swamped by starlight making it easier to measure their light.

The planet is expected to be located in the habitable zone around a red dwarf - a sweet spot where liquid water can remain stable on a planet's surface.

A planet in the habitable zone of a red dwarf would complete its racetrack orbit in just two weeks. This would allow multiple transits to be observed quickly. Also, because it is so close to the red dwarf, a planet is more likely to be in an orbit aligned along our line of sight, and will be more likely to be discovered transiting.

However, there is one big catch. Young red dwarfs have a petulant youth stretching over billions of years. Titanic stellar flares erupt without warning and blast out lethal doses of ultraviolet radiation. Ocean life on a planet may be safe from the UV just a few feet underwater and still extract enough light for photosynthesis. But anything living on the surface could get fried without a liberal coating of Sunscreen 2000.

But we now have a glimmer of hope for red dwarf planets. Astrobiologist Antigona Segura of the Universidad Nacional Autsnoma de Mixico (UNAM) in Mexico City, simulated how a 1985 flare from the nearby red dwarf AD Leonis would have affected a hypothetical Earth-like planet orbiting a dwarf, reports Discovery News.e found that UV radiation actually split molecules of oxygen to create more ozone than it destroyed. The simulation made a thicker ozone layer in the planetary atmosphere such that the surface experienced no more radiation than is typical on a sunny day on Earth.

What's more, as the dwarf settles down to a quiescent existence, there would be very little ultraviolet light and an UV filtering ozone layer would not even be needed.

To be sure, there are other oddball characteristics to worry about. Potentially habitable red dwarf planets may keep one hemisphere locked onto their star due to gravitational tidal forces. The resulting slow rotation may give them anaemic magnetic fields that do not block cosmic rays effectively.

But the best solution is to simply go looking. The light-gathering power of the James Webb Space Telescope, slated for a 2014 lauch, would be used to spectroscopically 'sniff' out the exoplanet's atmosphere for chemistry that might be a by-product of organisms on the surface. If we get lucky, and these planets do develop a natural UV shield, then the discovery of an inhabited world may be no more than a decade away.


UFO shuts down Chinese Airport

An unidentified flying object (UFO) disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou late on Wednesday, the municipal government said on Thursday.

Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm, and some flights were rerouted to airports in the cities of Ningbo and Wuxi , said an airport spokesman, who declined to be named.

The airport had resumed operations, and more details will be released after an investigation, he said.

A source with knowledge of the matter, however, told China Daily on Thursday that authorities had learned what the UFO was after an investigation.

But it was not the proper time to publicly disclose the information because there was a military connection, he said, adding that an official explanation is expected to be given on Friday.

Inbound flights were diverted to the nearby airports in Zhejiang province's Ningbo and Jiangsu province's Wuxi. Outbound flights were delayed for three to four hours.

A staff member at the airport's information desk said the airport had "no idea" how many flights were affected by the closure.

At around 11 pm on Wednesday, a netizen wrote three entries announcing the airport's closure in

his microblog at, but they were all soon deleted.

He posted an apology at midnight, saying the news had not been confirmed and asking those who had republished his earlier entries to delete them.


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The Shift Online Community - Now Online

Times are drawing closer to great change and many of us are experiencing the transition to new consciousness by leaps and bounds. This website's purpose is to be the source update based on what we are all going through. From amazing events of every kind that are transpiring across the globe, to our own intuitive feelings, to amazing new discoveries in new consciousness and much more.

A community can only be as good as those who are a part of it. Let's make this community something special where everyone is part of a whole. There is no separation. Express yourself through your sharing contributions that will make this community one of the most uniquely special virtual gathering places online.

Proof of Reincarnation Revealed

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Multiple UFO Sightings reported on the eve of July 4th


Through July 4th, several different eyewitnesses from across the United States claimed they had each witnessed a UFO sighting that differentiated from that of fireworks. Below is a URL list from reporting 14 different UFO sightings within the last 24 hours across the continental United States:

YouTube Videos of UFO sightings on July 4th:

Still think we're alone? ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's confirmed...The first ever picture of a planet orbiting around a star

Two years after making the claim, a team of astronomers says it holds bragging rights to releasing the first ever direct picture of an alien planet orbiting a sunlike star.

Most of the more than 400 known extrasolar planets, or exoplanets, have been found using indirect detection methods, such as looking for changes in starlight as a planet's gravity tugs on its host star, or as the planet passes in front of the star.

Unveiled in September 2008, a picture from the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii shows a direct view of a star system dubbed 1RXS 1609. At the time, astronomers didn't have enough data to say for sure that the bright dot near the star was in fact an orbiting world and not just an object in a chance alignment, as seen from Earth.

Several other teams have made and confirmed direct pictures of exoplanets, including a 2004 picture of the planet Fomalhaut b—also orbiting a sunlike star—which was released a few months after the shot of 1RXS 1609.

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Using more observations and new pictures from Gemini, the team studying 1RXS 1609 has now confirmed that their original picture does in fact show a planet circling the young star.

"From the start we suspected that the two were gravitationally bound, but it was just a matter of patiently waiting and watching long enough to see some motion," said team leader David Lafrenière, an exoplanet researcher at the University of Montreal in Canada.

"Now we finally have the data to say that the planet and star are indeed bound and travel together through space at the same direction and speed."

Picture Shows Unusually Far-Out Planet

The new data also helped astronomers refine estimates of the mass and orbital distance of the pictured planet.

After studying the unique properties of light from the system, Lafrenière and colleagues concluded the planet is about eight times more massive than Jupiter, making it a relative lightweight among known exoplanets.

The object orbits roughly 31 billion miles (50 billion kilometers) away from its host star—about 330 times the distance between Earth and the sun. By contrast, the dwarf planet Pluto orbits, on average, about 3.6 billion miles (5.8 billion kilometers) from the sun.

The finding suggests the planet in the 1RXS 1609 system is the smallest known world orbiting at such a vast distance from its stellar host.

It's unclear whether the far-out planet originally formed in its current location or was born much nearer to the star and was later kicked outward by gravitational interactions with a now missing planetary neighbor.

Either way, the extreme separation poses challenges to the current view of solar system formation and evolution, Lafrenière said. (Related: "Planets Found With Crisscross Orbits—A First.")

"This discovery proves that not all systems are similar to our own, with all planets relatively close to their star," Lafrenière said.

"It's exciting to see that there is definitely much more diversity in planets than what we ever thought was out there."