Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evidence of Hollow Earth - FantasyLand

***Technically, it's more of a hollow earth cavity existing within the earth's crust, and not in the center of the planet. Just thought I'd mention this for posterity purposes.*** - Brad.


Here is something to both feast your eyes upon as well as begin dwelling upon pertaining to how much we as humans really do not know, and about how much we as humans still have left to discover! Welcome to a Hollow Earth... at least part of it!

Location: District of Chihuahua, Mexico. The Naica Mines.

In 1910, at a depth of 120 meters, workers of the Penoles Mining Corporation involved with the extraction of base metal ores blasted into a cavity of untold amazement. Realizing the discovery, the tunnel that was being excavated was redirected, and the cavity sealed. What was it that caused the company to seal this cavity?

Several decades later, in 2002 and at a depth of 320 meters, the Penoles Mining Corporation, again, blasted into a broad reaching cavity that spanned off into darkness. The difference with this discovery is that the workers were blasted with a wave of air from the cavity that scalded thier skin, as the temperatures there rose to 160 degrees Farenheight!

This location too, was sealed with a huge Iron door, and the excavation rerouted.

The Mexican government has taken control of these locations, even though they are still "owned" by the Mining corporation, by enacting laws protecting these sites. What is the big deal here? What was so special about these locations, and why is it that the government had to step in?

Because these two locations were declared by the Mexican Government as NationalTreasures!

What was the "treasure"? Let's pay a visit in images, to find out! Welcome to the Cavern of the Crystals, The Queen's Eye Cavern, and Cave of Swords - Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico!


A little understanding... The location these caverns were discovered also sits atop a broad reaching batholith of molten lava, so the temperatures here altered the minerals that formed in these caves. Normally, you'd see the usual travertine, calcitic, and onyx based minerals in caverns consisting of Stalactites, Soda Straws, Stalagmites, and Rock Curtains. The heat index in these caverns however changed everything, forming complex paterns in the forms of Gypsum and Selenite Crystals.

At 160 degrees Farenheight, visiting the Cavern of the Crystals can be rather opressive, thus the exploratory crew prepares with cooling suit apparati and cooled oxygen breathing apparati.

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