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A second and third UFO Pyramid Reported Sightings

On December 9th, 2009, a strange "pyramid-shaped" object was reported being seen over Moscow as we see here in this YouTube video footage:

UPDATE: Here is another video of the Pyramid UFO being seen over China that was posted on YouTube on December 19th, 2009:

On December 27th, 2009, another video was posted that reported a "Pyramid-shaped" object was filmed in the skies of Deltoid, England:

In a span of a little over 2 and a half weeks, three of these pyramid-shaped objects have been reported as appearing in the skies over three different countries. Looking at this incredible short time span between sightings of a similar object, this lies far beyond any form of coincidence. It appears as if this craft, if it is the same one in all three videos, is travelling across the planet. Keep your eyes peeled and your cameras out, you never know if this travelling pyramid may be coming your way.

Nanaimo couple spots UFOs flying over Mount Benson

A UFO Sighting that occurred recently near my neck of the woods, Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) BC, Canada.


Nanaimo's Chris Ansell and Kathleen Kirby have crossed Santa Claus off their list as they search for answers after they reported seeing four unidentified flying objects over Mount Benson on Christmas Day.

At 8:29 p.m., while on the deck of Ansell's parents' home on King John Way, the couple saw four orange lights the size of stars zip through the sky from four different directions and come together above the mountain.

Ansell, 35, whipped out his Blackberry to catch the action, while Kirby, 23, grabbed a nearby camera.

The four "starlike lights did this weird zig-zag thing and then turned into green glowing spheres and then, poof, they disappeared upwards," Ansell said, gesturing frantically with his hands.

In less than 40 seconds it was all over, but Ansell and Kathleen captured three images they hope will eventually lead to an explanation of their mysterious sighting.
"We know it wasn't Santa. He had already come and gone," said Ansell with a laugh, pointing to his mother.

Paul Greenhalgh, president of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society, has a few suspicions about what could have caused the extraordinary light show, though he discounts the possibility they were UFOs.

After examining Ansell's and Kirby's photos, Greenhalgh believes the "stars" are part of the Big Dipper constellation.

The low horizon of the Earth and thicker density of the atmosphere from the angle the stars were seen caused them to change colour from orange to red to blue and green. Greenhalgh also said the satellite Chandra (an X-ray space observatory) was also moving across the sky at the same time as the couple's sighting, as were two iridium satellites.

"If they flared, otherwise known as an iridium flare, this could also add to the equation," added Greenhalgh.

As far as the description of the erratic movements, Greenhalgh has no explanation.
"I have a philosophy about UFO sightings," he said. "The galaxy is 100,000 light years across. If we were able to send a message from our solar system to another solar system on the other side of the galaxy through the galactic core, without it being disrupted with all the radiation there, it would take 65,000 years for us to say hello and an additional 65,000 years for them to reply. It's going to be a very boring conversation."

Greenhalgh has studied and stared into the sky for more than four decades without ever seeing an UFO. Only once in 43 years did he see a flying object he couldn't explain.

But he uncovered the mystery two years later when he discovered the v-shape formation and central bright light he saw had been U.S. Navy satellites that had been tethered together.

Greenhalgh also point out that any aircraft that enters the Earth's atmosphere would definitely be detected by the North American Aerospace Defense Command.
"NORAD can track anything from the size of a ping pong ball and larger," he said.
Ansell and Kirby continue to keep a close eye on the night sky above Mount Benson with the hopes of another sighting.

"I just need an explanation. I don't believe in extraterrestrials or anything like that, but anything is possible," said Ansell.

"We do live in a huge universe and there could be things out there that just want to observe us.

"All we can hope is someone else saw it, too."


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U.S. military is liaising with extraterrestrials according to independent sources

Independent sources have claimed an on-going set of face-to-face meetings between U.S. military officials and extraterrestrial life. The sources reveal that senior U.S. Navy officers have played a leading role in an inter-services working group responsible for the meetings, and that different extraterrestrial groups are allegedly involved. One source claims that the contact involves extraterrestrial groups known as Reptilians, and a silicon based life form dubbed ‘the Conformers’. Another source claims that the extraterrestrials are called Ebens from the Zeta Reticuli star system, but known colloquially as the Grays. A third source claims that human looking extraterrestrials representing an association of star nations are liaising with military officials. Two of the sources have been interviewed by this writer who has been aware of their claims for more than a year, and finds them credible. The similarities in these independent reports gives reason to conclude that an ongoing program of secret meetings involving senior military personal from the U.S. Navy and other military services with one or more extraterrestrial civilizations is underway.

One source claiming to have participated in face-to-face meetings is a serving U.S. Navy officer that in February 2008 revealed the existence of a confidential set of meetings at the UN where UFOs and extraterrestrial life were discussed. Known as Source A, the Navy officer claims that he was sanctioned by a working group comprising a number of admirals to disclose the UN talks without revealing his identity. In June 2008, Source A claims he was assigned to another project that involved direct meetings with two groups of extraterrestrials in a covert project where he was sanctioned to board their spacecraft on three different occasions. One group is a Reptilian looking species, and another is a silicon based life form he dubbed the ‘Conformers’.

This author and a number of other researchers have met with and interviewed Source A, and have been able to confirm that he is a serving U.S. Navy officer. Recently, two New York based UFO investigators, Clay and Shawn Pickering, gave a three hour interview concerning Source A’s involvement in a covert project involving face-to-face meetings with extraterrestrial life. They revealed that a covert inter-services working group has attempted to brief President Obama about the extraterrestrial liaison project. Given Source A’s identity and unlikelihood that more senior U.S. Navy officials would sanction a serving officer to openly misinform the general public over extraterrestrial life, there is reason to take his claims of participating in a covert project involving face-to-face meetings very seriously.
An anonymous source associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency recently claimed that military officials on November 12, 2009, met with extraterrestrials called Ebens, from the Zeta Reticula star system, on Akau Atoll in the Johnston Islands. The alleged meeting was part of an ongoing set of diplomatic discussions and exchanges that date several decades. The information was the latest installment related to an alleged classified project called Serpo, a secret exchange program with extraterrestrial visitors from Zeta Reticulum. According to Victor Martinez, who maintains a large email list where he distributes Project Serpo reports released to him by ‘anonymous’:

… the Ebens met on Akau Island with a total of 18 representatives from the U.S., United Nations, Russia, China, the Vatican and certain other guests. U.S. representatives are said to have included five military personnel, two intelligence officers, one linguist and one person representing the Obama administration.
The Johnston Islands are a U.S. territory and lie 750 miles south west of Honolulu. That places the Islands directly under the military authority of Pacific Command that historically has been run by the U.S. Navy. Although the latest Project Serpo release does not identify the service of the five military personnel at the alleged meeting, the choice of Johnston Atoll suggests a leading role for U.S. Navy officials in the latest face-to-face meeting.

The Serpo story raises considerable controversy with many inconsistencies in the claims of the sources revealing the Serpo information. Nevertheless, there are many events revealed in the Serpo story that are very likely based on real events such as President Reagan being secretly briefed at some point about extraterrestrial life. A number of Reagan’s public statements are circumstantial evidence that he did receive such a briefing. An alleged transcript of the briefing was released as part of the Serpo material in November 2007. This author’s assessment is that the Serpo releases mix real events with fiction in an officially sanctioned acclimation program. While the Serpo material requires much discernment given the level of disinformation in it, it is very likely that it accurately reveals the existence of secret military meetings with extraterrestrials, but mixes this with contrived details. The implicit leading role of the U.S. Navy in the alleged Akau meeting is consistent with the revelations of Source A.

The third and final anonymous source has revealed face-to-face meetings between U.S. military officials and human looking representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Again officers from the U.S. Navy are described as playing an active role, and are deeply involved in promoting public disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life. What distinguishes this alleged set of military meetings with extraterrestrials is that according to the source, the meetings were convened due to distrust over the way a covert international control group initially called “MJ-12” ” (current name unknown), has been managing information and technology concerning extraterrestrial life. The various military representatives were apparently shocked over the extent to which “MJ-12” has deceived them in oversight and management of extraterrestrial affairs.

In conclusion, there is very real dissatisfaction in the U.S. military, especially officers from the Navy, over the way in which extraterrestrial affairs has been secretly run and managed by a covert transnational group initially known as “MJ-12. The dissatisfaction can be traced back to an incident involving a Vice-Admiral serving as the head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff who was denied access to a covert extraterrestrial related project under corporate control. The incident was in June 2008 publicly revealed on Larry King Live by former Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (see video clip). Since at least 1997, groups of U.S. Navy officers through covert inter-service working groups have been trying to restore military/government oversight over extraterrestrial affairs that has been increasingly privatized in the corporate world.

The details of alleged face to face meetings between U.S. military/Navy personnel with extraterrestrial life is not known with great accuracy due to conflicting accounts of representatives of what occurred at such meetings. Nevertheless, given three independent sources reveal such meetings, two of which have been personally confirmed by the author as credible, it can be concluded that extraterrestrial military liaisons are currently underway. Retired officers from the two military services making up the Department of the Navy (US Navy and US Marine Corps) feature prominently in the Obama administration. These include Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence (ret Admiral, USN); James Jones, National Security Advisor (ret. General, USMC); and Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator (ret. General, USMC). Consequently, a U.S. military extraterrestrial liaison program that is being leaked to the public by US Navy officers from a covert inter-services working group will encourage the Obama administration to move forward with a public announcement concerning the reality of extraterrestrial life.


UFO Projecting a Beam of Light

This video was taken at 8pm on December 26th, 2009. Here are the user comments:

"In this video you will see all raw footage from when i hit the record button until i stopped recording. This is unedited apart from the writing to explain what i was seeing. Hopefully you will see the beam in this footage, but i am going to do an edited version to try and show it better. The main UFO was there for 8 - 10 minutes, and the ''thing'' that flies from under the beam was a pure W.T.F!, I still don't know what it was."

"All footage filmed in Belfast at 8pm facing south, the UFO was going from east to west."

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Disclosure Endgame: A free E-book from David Wilcock

David Wilcock has created an outstanding e-book that I have just finished reading and I am very impressed with it. It is called "Disclosure Endgame" and talks on a variety of different topics such as:

-Norway Spiral/Moscow Pyramid
-New World Order
-Project Blue Beam
-Russia Today
-Asian Alliance
-Kennedy Assassination
-The “real” history of the US government
-David Wilcock’s Sources & more.

U.S. researchers allege EBEs on Mars

American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago on Exopolitics radio talks about his insights about evidence of life on Mars in NASA photographs PIA10214, which is a panoramic montage of a series of snapshots of the Martian surface that were taken by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in 2007, when Spirit was perched on the western edge of the Home Plate Plateau in the inner basin of the Columbia Hills range inside the Gusev Crater on Mars. Mr. Basiago used legal methodological approaches to uncover critical evidence of life of Mars.

Andrew D. Basiago is a lawyer, writer, and environmental scholar educated at UCLA and the University of Cambridge. He maintains a private law practice in Washington State. He was the editor of Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe (Universe Books, 2005) and The Fatima Trilogy (Anomalist Books, 2007). In 2008, Andy discovered a cosmic treasure trove of life forms and ancient artifacts on Mars in photographs taken by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit. He presented his findings in a landmark paper entitled The Discovery of Life on Mars and founded the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) to foster research, disclosure, and education about the fact that Mars is inhabited and craft law and public policy pertaining to the discovery of life on Mars.

Evidence four typologies of possible humanoids are apparent in the NASA photograph:

(1) First typology: Humanoid beings with bulbous heads and spindly bodies, like the Gray “extraterrestrials” of the UFO literature;

(2) Second typology: Transparent forms, like glass totems; (3) Third typology: Human-insect hybrids, such as The Scorpion Man that can be seen in The Turquoise Field; Human-reptile hybrids, such as the Gumby Lizards that can be seen in and around The Rock Garden; and beings with humanoid heads and larval, worm-like, or slug-like bodies that can be seen throughout photograph PIA10214;

(4) Fourth typology: The forms that are almost “all head,” which might not be a life form but a building.

Evidence of intelligent humanoid life on Mars suppressed by NASA includes:

(1) Abstract artwork, with many carved heads and faces formed from indigenous rocks predominating; bas reliefs and intaglios on the sides of rocks, which are also ubiquitous; and ground drawings seen in the far distance from both the western edge of the Home Plate Plateau in PIA10214 and the southern edge of the Home Plate Plateau in PIA11049;

(2) Architecture, including The Face of the Bull that can be seen on the right edge of the Home Plate Plateau, which is a terraced, multi-levelled platform that might have once have served as a home or a viewing platform at a natural vista point that overlooks the valley terrain depicted in PIA10214.

Article Source:

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Voyager Spacecraft Makes an Interstellar Discovery

December 23, 2009: The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist. In the Dec. 24th issue of Nature, a team of scientists reveal how NASA's Voyager spacecraft have solved the mystery.

"Using data from Voyager, we have discovered a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system," explains lead author Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University. "This magnetic field holds the interstellar cloud together and solves the long-standing puzzle of how it can exist at all."

Voyager flies through the outer bounds of the heliosphere en route to interstellar space. A strong magnetic field reported by Opher et al in the Dec. 24, 2009, issue of Nature is delineated in yellow. Image copyright 2009, The American Museum of Natural History.

The discovery has implications for the future when the solar system will eventually bump into other, similar clouds in our arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Astronomers call the cloud we're running into now the Local Interstellar Cloud or "Local Fluff" for short. It's about 30 light years wide and contains a wispy mixture of hydrogen and helium atoms at a temperature of 6000 C. The existential mystery of the Fluff has to do with its surroundings. About 10 million years ago, a cluster of supernovas exploded nearby, creating a giant bubble of million-degree gas. The Fluff is completely surrounded by this high-pressure supernova exhaust and should be crushed or dispersed by it.

"The observed temperature and density of the local cloud do not provide enough pressure to resist the 'crushing action' of the hot gas around it," says Opher.

So how does the Fluff survive? The Voyagers have found an answer.

"Voyager data show that the Fluff is much more strongly magnetized than anyone had previously suspected—between 4 and 5 microgauss*," says Opher. "This magnetic field can provide the extra pressure required to resist destruction."

NASA's two Voyager probes have been racing out of the solar system for more than 30 years. They are now beyond the orbit of Pluto and on the verge of entering interstellar space—but they are not there yet.

"The Voyagers are not actually inside the Local Fluff," says Opher. "But they are getting close and can sense what the cloud is like as they approach it."

The Fluff is held at bay just beyond the edge of the solar system by the sun's magnetic field, which is inflated by solar wind into a magnetic bubble more than 10 billion km wide. Called the "heliosphere," this bubble acts as a shield that helps protect the inner solar system from galactic cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. The two Voyagers are located in the outermost layer of the heliosphere, or "heliosheath," where the solar wind is slowed by the pressure of interstellar gas.

Voyager 1 entered the heliosheath in Dec. 2004; Voyager 2 followed almost 3 years later in Aug. 2007. These crossings were key to Opher et al's discovery.

The anatomy of the heliosphere. Since this illustration was made, Voyager 2 has joined Voyager 1 inside the heliosheath, a thick outer layer where the solar wind is slowed by the pressure of interstellar gas.

The size of the heliosphere is determined by a balance of forces: Solar wind inflates the bubble from the inside while the Local Fluff compresses it from the outside. Voyager's crossings into the heliosheath revealed the approximate size of the heliosphere and, thus, how much pressure the Local Fluff exerts. A portion of that pressure is magnetic and corresponds to the ~5 microgauss Opher's team has reported in Nature.

The fact that the Fluff is strongly magnetized means that other clouds in the galactic neighborhood could be, too. Eventually, the solar system will run into some of them, and their strong magnetic fields could compress the heliosphere even more than it is compressed now. Additional compression could allow more cosmic rays to reach the inner solar system, possibly affecting terrestrial climate and the ability of astronauts to travel safely through space. On the other hand, astronauts wouldn't have to travel so far because interstellar space would be closer than ever. These events would play out on time scales of tens to hundreds of thousands of years, which is how long it takes for the solar system to move from one cloud to the next.

"There could be interesting times ahead!" says Opher.

Article Source:


This is speaking much in relation to what many have been stating about the further presence of cosmic dust entering the solar system. It is the galactic dust/galactic energy fields through these interstellar clouds that are causing the planets to heat up and the sun to increase in heat. We are literally a very short time before we encounter a very large spike in cosmic energy coming into our solar system. This is a fantastic sign to help accelerate the solar system's evolution as well as our own as more energy is brought into help propel us into a new form of consciousness.

For more information on these studies, visit

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Small Secrets - A documentary on Consciousness

Has there been a cover up in leading scientific universities regarding the POWER of the human consciousness, and its effect on the very nature of reality itself? If so, why would people want to keep such world-changing information secret?

Is the information contained within this series some of what they discovered? Is this perhaps where we are headed quite soon, and what many of us sense is the coming evolution in human consciousness and abilities? Things such as telepathy? Clairvoyance? Instant healing? Re-programming our DNA?

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Strange Ancient Relics from the Depths of the Earth

This is an article that shares information based on discoveries of relics that pre-date human evolution according to the evolutionary standard time scale. These accounts show human existence far far back into earth history, and prove evolution theory false.

Highlights of the Article:

Accepted Theories and Unaccepted Facts:

In most of the academic and scientific world today, the interpretation of the history of the earth, of life, of man, and of human culture, is defined within the narrow boundaries of specific, prevailing theories. The geology of the earth, for example, is viewed almost exclusively in terms of uniformitarianism. This means that the present-existing processes of erosion and volcanism are thought to have been the only forces at work in the past. Because of the slowness of these processes of change, and the tremendous transformations observed in the earth's depths, the age of the earth is thus counted in billions of years - today, it is put between 4 1/2 and 5 billion years.

Likewise, the history of life on this planet is seen as a lengthy development by evolution, or, the progression from simple to increasingly more complex forms. Since the simplest - and supposedly earliest - life forms appear in Cambrian rock, and Cambrian rock is dated geologically at 600 million years, this is deemed the age of life on earth. Only in the final stage of evolution did man appear on the scene, the ultimate end-product: According to the most recent anthropological finds, the earliest man-like creatures roamed the earth just 4 million years ago. Finally, the very nature of evolutionary theory dictates that man's cultural development must have been linear - a slow, gradual, but constant, upward climb from primitive beginnings, spanning the last 10,000 years, with the advent of modern technological civilization and its products the recent culmination of that climb.

These theories, which together form the uniformitarian-evolution-linear model, have predominated modern science for the past century, to the extent that all finds made - every rock sample, every fossil, every human remains and every artifact - have been carefully interpreted and categorized so as to fit this model's framework, at the exclusion of all other. But it is becoming increasingly apparent that not all facts from the past find their "proper" place. Other discoveries have been made that contradict the accepted model. Yet these discoveries are largely ignored, since it is far easier for the majority of scientists and historians to uphold what is "established," than to try to build a new model based on the "exceptions."

One of the greatest pitfalls of the uniformitarian-evolution-linear model is that it must accept the premise that man, as an intelligent being, was a very recent arrival in the history of the earth. With the geologic record counted in billions of years, the fossil record in hundreds of millions of years, the record of human fossils in the millions of years, and human civilization only in the thousands of years, there would be no way to explain the presence of human bones, or sophisticated artifacts derived from the hand of man, in deep rock strata. In fact, the finding of even a single such item would be totally devastating to the model, for it would negate the entire concept of uniformity, and the evolution of man and human culture in the past.

The Bones of Forgotten Men:

Walk into any natural museum today, or read any textbook on anthropology, and one invariably finds a large chart exhibited, tracing the ancestry of man back through more primitive forebears, until the line is lost somewhere amid the apes. Recently, paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey, excavating in Ethiopia, announced the discovery of what are supposed to be the oldest accepted fossil remains of man - about 4 million years old. What has been disturbing about the new finds is that they are, in part, too human: Their great age, yet partly "modern" appearance, has forced evolutionists to push back the departure of man from the ape stock farther into the past, so that now it is beginning to infringe upon the time period necessary for the development of the apes themselves.

But while the African finds are revolutionary, there have been other discoveries of human fossils greatly more important, but these have been deliberately neglected or denounced, because they are far older than man is "supposed" to be.

Over a hundred years ago, in the 1850's, gold miners began digging tunnels into the sides and top of Table Mountain, northwest of Needles, California. Gold was discovered, but along with it were bones of extinct mastodons, mammoths, bison, tapirs, horses, rhinos, hippos and camels - all dating from the Pliocene. In 1863, a physician from nearby Sonora, Dr. R. Snell, began to collect specimens from the excavations. In that year, with his bare hands, he loosened from among the fossils a stone disc that appeared to have been used for grinding. But Dr. Snell was not the first, or last, to unearth mysterious objects from the mountain gravel: In 1853, Oliver W. Stevens made affidavit that he removed a large stone bowl from the lowest level tunnel; in 1857, the Honorable Paul Hubbs, of Vallejo, dug up part of a human crania from inside the Valentine shaft; and in 1862, Mr. Llewellyn Pierce also signed affidavit that he had found a stone mortar 200 feet in from the mouth of the same shaft. The most dramatic find, however, was reserved for a Mr. Mattison, one of the owners of the mines. In February of 1866, Mattison unearthed from beneath a layer of basalt an object which - because of the encrustation's - he first thought was the petrified root of a tree, but on closer examination discovered was a complete human skull. The miner sent the skull to the office of the State Survey in June of the same year. Eventually, the skull came into the possession of Dr. L. Wyman, of Harvard College, who removed the encasing material around the cranium. Dr. Wyman, and an associate named Professor Whitney, identified the skull as very modern in type, but also noted that, "the fragments of bones and gravel and shells were so wedged into the cavities of the skull that there could be no mistake as to the character of the situation in which it is found." The stickler was, however, that this meant the skull, along with all the artifacts found, were 12 million years old.

Article Source:

Uncovered Classified FBI Documents regarding UFO's

Could these be real FBI Documents retrieved regarding UFO Sightings?


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How To Build A UFO...Yes, this is real.

This is a website that actually contains information on how one can actually construct a UFO spacecraft. Sounds pretty hard to believe? Visit the link below and see for yourself:

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Disclosure 2009 Video - Ancient Cities and Water Worlds

New Study of Meteorite Provides More Evidence for Ancient Life on Mars

This image of the meteorite, seen through a scanning electron microscope, shows bumps that resemble a fossilized colony of microbacteria. Some of the rounded bumps are preserved at the top of the surface and resemble individual spherical and ovoid-shaped microbes. Image credit: NASA.

( -- In 1996, when scientists examined a meteorite from Mars previously uncovered in Antarctica, they were intrigued by what looked like microscopic fossils of ancient Martian life forms. Now, using new technology that wasn't available 13 years ago, NASA scientists have found further evidence that the materials and structures in the meteorite are likely signs of ancient life, rather than the results of inorganic processes.

ALH84001 History
Scientists estimate that the meteorite, called Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001), formed on Mars about 4.5 billion years ago, making it one of the oldest known objects in the solar system. Because the meteorite contains microscopic carbonate disks that are about 4 billion years old, scientists have previously hypothesized that the meteorite interacted with water that may have existed on Mars at this time.

Much later, about 15 million years ago, a larger meteorite likely struck Mars and ejected ALH84001 into space. After spending most of that time traveling throughout the solar system, the meteorite landed on Earth about 13,000 years ago. Then, in 1984, a team of US scientists discovered it in Antarctica. The meteorite finally made news headlines in 1996, when NASA scientist David McKay and others peered at the rock under a scanning electron microscope and saw what appeared to be nanoscale fossils of bacteria-like life forms.

Bacterial or Thermal Origin?

Now, McKay, along with Kathie Thomas-Keprta, Everett Gibson, Simon Clemett, and Susan Wentworth, all of NASA's Johnson Space Center, have revisited the original hypothesis with new observations of the meteorite. The study is published in a recent issue of the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

In the new study, the scientists used advanced microscopy techniques to investigate the carbonate disks and, more importantly, the magnetite nanocrystals within the disks. These embedded magnetites are the apparent fossils that exhibit features similar to contemporary magnetotactic bacteria.

During the past 13 years, different groups of scientists have proposed competing hypotheses to explain the origins of these magnetites. Some of the leading hypotheses are non-biological, suggesting that the magnetites were formed via thermal decomposition of the carbonates in which ALH84001 was struck by other meteorites.

Such impacts may have increased the temperature of ALH84001 and caused the carbonates to decompose into magnetites via bond redistribution. In some models, ALH84001 may have experienced this shock by a random meteorite impact while still on Mars, while in other models, thermal decomposition may have occurred due to the impact event that ejected ALH84001 from its home planet.

But whatever event might have triggered a thermal decomposition process, the scientists argue in the current study that very few - if any - of the magnetites embedded in ALH84001 carbonates are a product of thermal decomposition. By analyzing details such as the percentage of magnetite volume in the carbonate disks, the trace amounts of impurities observed in some of the magnetites, and the lack of siderite which some previous models suggested may have decomposed to form magnetite, the scientists concluded that these new observations were inconsistent with the previous inorganic-based thermal decomposition hypotheses.

By showing that it’s very unlikely that the magnetite originated from the decomposition of ALH84001’s carbonate, the scientists argue that possible biological origins of the magnetite need to be considered more seriously than before.

“For the past 10 years, the leading (and only) viable non-biologic hypothesis for the origin of the nanophase magnetites concentrated in ALH84001 has been thermal or shock decomposition of iron-bearing carbonates, a process known to produce small magnetite crystals,” Thomas-Keprta told “Our paper has falsified this non-biologic hypothesis by showing, based on thermodynamics and minor element chemistry, that this non-biologic hypothesis simply cannot produce the ultrapure magnetites actually present in ALH84001 as a significant population of all magnetites. By falsifying this non-biologic hypothesis, we are left with only the biologic hypothesis to explain the detailed properties of the magnetites in this martian meteorite.”

Magnetite Biosignature

Although they have not yet developed a model for the origin of the magnetite in ALH84001, the researchers’ new observations are consistent with the possibility that the magnetite has an “allochthonous origin,” in which it was exposed to aqueous solutions such as water.

As Thomas-Keprta explained, the magnetite in ALH84001 could have been one of several ferromagnetic minerals produced by magnetotactic bacteria that live in aquatic environments. When these bacteria die and their shells degrade, a chain of magnetite is released into the environment. Without its confining shell, the magnetite chain configuration cannot be maintained, so individual magnetite crystals begin to mix with inorganic particles in the water.

On Earth, magnetotactic bacteria are quite common in aqueous environments, and scientists often find magnetites in surface and subsurface sediments.
“For many years, the presence of the specific kind of nanomagnetite formed by magnetotactic bacteria on Earth have been completely accepted as a biosignature when found in any Earth sediment or rock,” Thomas-Keprta said, noting that these magnetite have very specific properties.

“When we first documented these specific properties in the ALH84001 carbonates, the only alternate non-biologic hypothesis that was commonly accepted as viable was the thermal decomposition of iron-bearing carbonate,” she said. “Now that we have completely falsified this hypothesis with this latest paper, we are still left with the specific properties of the ALH84001 magnetite that, if found on Earth, would be a robust biosignature indicating production by bacteria.

“We also point to the many discoveries since our original paper showing supporting evidence such as an early strong magnetic field on Mars (necessary for the development of magnetotactic bacteria); the presence of near surface water at many locations on current-day Mars; the presence of possible oceans, major drainage channels, and other features associated with an early wet Mars; and the recent evidence for variable releases of methane into the Martian atmosphere. . . . We do not believe it is too incautious to restate our original hypothesis that such magnetites constitute strong evidence of early life on Mars.”

Article Source:

Discovery of an Alien Water World

Astronomers say they have detected a planet just six and a half times as massive as Earth - at a distance so close its atmosphere could be studied, and with a density so low it's almost certain to have abundant water.

The alien world known as GJ 1214b orbits a red dwarf star one-fifth the size of our own sun, 40 light-years away in the constellation Ophiuchus, the astronomers reported in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature.

"Astronomically speaking, this is on our block," David Charbonneau of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, lead author of the study, told reporters this week. "This is a next-door neighbor. For perspective, our own TV signals have already passed beyond the distance of this star."

He said the planet was detected using an array of eight off-the-shelf, 16-inch telescopes equipped with commercially available cameras.

"Since we found the super-Earth using a small ground-based telescope, this means that anyone else with a similar telescope and a good CCD camera can detect it too," Charbonneau said in a news release. "Students around the world can now study this super-Earth."

Super-Earths - planets that are roughly two to 10 times Earth's mass - represent the hottest frontier in the years-long search for worlds beyond our solar system. Planet-hunters reported finding their first transiting super-Earth in February, and earlier this week, other researchers added two more super-Earths to the list.

Those planets orbit stars like our own sun, but the brightness of GJ 1214b's parent star is hundreds of times dimmer. The planet is also much closer to the star than any of our own solar system's planets, orbiting at a distance of only 1.3 million miles (2 million kilometers). That combination suggests that the planet's surface temperature would be about 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), Charbonneau's research team reported.

Charbonneau speculated that GJ 1214b was a little too hot for life as we know it, "but it didn't miss it by very much."

The planet's discovery was hailed as a potential breakthrough by Geoffrey Marcy, an astronomer at the University of California at Berkeley who is a pioneer in the planet quest. In a commentary written for Nature, Marcy said Charbonneau and his colleagues "provide the most watertight evidence so far for a planet that is something like our own Earth, outside our solar system."

How it was found
GJ 1214b was detected thanks to an innovative telescope system, a cleverly focused observation campaign - and perhaps a little bit of luck. The eight-telescope array, dubbed the MEarth Project, was set up at the Whipple Observatory on Mount Hopkins in Arizona. The telescopes were programmed to gaze at 2,000 low-mass stars and check for slight, regular dips in light that could be caused by a dark planet's transit across the star's disk.

Relatively dim, relatively close stars were favored because the planet's dimming effect would be more noticeable than it would be with brighter, bigger, farther-out stars.

Just a few months after the MEarth Project began, graduate student Zachory Berta spotted the signature of GJ 1214b's 38-hour orbit. Based on the pattern of the dimming, the team figured out that the planet was 2.7 times as wide as Earth.

The astronomers then turned to another instrument, the HARPS spectrometer on the European Southern Observatory's La Silla telescope in Chile, to figure out the planet's mass. Such mass calculations depend on another technique that checks for the slight wobble in a star's motion caused by a planet's gravitational pull. The HARPS observations indicated that the planet was 6.55 times as massive as Earth.

Putting those measurements together, the team was able to model the planet's density and composition. The best fit for the data was a mixture consisting of about three-quarters water and other ices, one-quarter rock and a gaseous atmosphere.

Implications of a water world
Although the surface temperature on GJ 1214b would be well above water's boiling point on Earth's surface, Charbonneau said the planet could nonetheless possess an exotic form of liquid water due to extreme atmospheric pressure at the surface. In today's news release, Berta said the pressure may turn at least some of the water into a rare crystalline form known as ice-seven.

"Despite its hot temperature, this appears to be a water world," Berta said.

On Earth, organisms have been found living near deep-sea hydrothermal vents, where superheated water is held under high pressure. But Charbonneau said he wouldn't want to bet that life could endure under GJ 1214b's crushing conditions.

In fact, it's too early to bet heavily on any detailed description of GJ 1214b. Fortunately, Charbonneau said, the star is close enough that the Hubble Space Telescope could someday analyze the composition of the planet's atmosphere. "That will make it the first super-Earth with a confirmed atmosphere - even though that atmosphere probably won't be hospitable to life as we know it," he said.

Knowing what the atmosphere is made of, and how thick it is, could help astronomers determine whether their characterization of GJ 1214b as a water world is correct. "It's possible that what you have is a ball of rock with a much bigger envelope of light gas," Charbonneau said.

The larger implication of the Nature study is that other super-Earths may be waiting out there with just the right conditions for life. "We found this planet in the first six months," Charbonneau noted. "We had only looked at a small fraction of the stars that we planned to look at through the entire project. That means that either we got really lucky - which is possible - or these planets are common."

Two planet-hunting spacecraft, NASA's Kepler and the European Space Agency's COROT, are expected to find hundreds of super-Earths and Earth-sized planets in the years to come. The first scientific results from the Kepler mission are due to be reported next month in Washington at the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society.


My Feedback in regards to this comment: "That combination suggests that the planet's surface temperature would be about 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), Charbonneau's research team reported."

I personally completely disagree with that. A world with 400 degrees faranheit in temperature would literally cause the water to boil on the surface. I completely disagree with that estimation in temperature. Regardless of the planet being the first planet in the star system, with a red dwarf star several times less brighter than our own sun, I would estimate the temperature on the world to be not too different from ours.

Isn't it interesting that everytime another world is discovered, there has to be some form of alibi on how it could not support life? Where there is water, there is life. Life is abundant throughout the cosmos as much more evidence regarding bacteria is found all over, even in space.

NASA also has made the explanation about Venus being a planet with 800 degree ferenheit air, yet it was able to allow a parachute descent into the atmosphere decades ago. It seems NASA doesn't want us to learn of the many hospitable planets out there.

Article Source:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Underwater Ancient City found on the Carribean Sea Floor...Could this be Atlantis?

WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) - EXCLUSIVE - Researchers have revealed the first images from the Caribbean sea floor of what they believe are the archaeological remains of an ancient civilization. Guarding the location’s coordinates carefully, the project’s leader, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, says the city could be thousands of years old; possibly even pre-dating the ancient Egyptian pyramids, at Giza.

The site was found using advanced satellite imagery, and is not in any way associated with the alleged site found by Russian explorers near Cuba in 2001, at a depth of 2300 feet. “To be seen on satellite, our site is much shallower.” The team is currently seeking funding to mount an expedition to confirm and explore what appears to be a vast underwater city. “You have to be careful working with satellite images in such a location,” the project’s principle researcher said, “The digital matrix sometimes misinterprets its data, and shows ruins as solid masses. The thing is, we’ve found structure - what appears to be a tall, narrow pyramid; large platform structures with small buildings on them; we’ve even found standing parallel post and beam construction in the rubble of what appears to be a fallen building. You can’t have post and beam without human involvement.”

Asked if this city is the legendary city of Atlantis, the researchers immediately said no. “The romanticized ideal of Atlantis probably never existed, nor will anyone ever strap on a SCUBA tank, jump in the water, and find a city gateway that says, ‘Welcome to Atlantis.’ However, we do believe that this city may have been one of many cities of an advanced, seafaring, trade-based civilization, which may have been visited by their Eurocentric counterparts.”

It is unknown at this time how the city came to be on the sea floor, and not on dry land. “We have several theories.”

The team hopes to conduct a massive mapping and research expedition, to learn as much as possible about who these people were, before turning the site over to the Caribbean island’s home government. “Whatever we’ve found does not belong to us,” the project’s leader said, “It belongs to the people of this island, and to the world at-large. If any pieces are brought to the surface, they belong in the hands of a museum.”


In regards to their denial of Atlantis, I personally would not discount the possibility without further evidence of the structure in collation with data that many scholars have uncovered on the representation and features of Atlantis. We may find some similarities. I personally find their immediate denial quite hasty in regards to such a question without further investigation of the underwater ancient city. There may be no sign saying "Welcome to Atlantis," but there also is no sign that says "We are not Atlantis" either. So is this Atlantis from an unbiased standpoint? There certainly is a possibility once more evidence is discovered.

URL Source Links to full story and satelite images: Information on this story:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Norway Lights actually a scientific experiment known as "Tequila Sunrise?"

This was recovered from some very excellent research data contained on

Findings are now showing that the event which occurred in the morning of December 9th in Norway was that regarding an experiment regarding the activation caused by EISCAT. EISCAT is a huge antenna array capable of high powered transmissions. It is similar to HAARP located within Alaska.

Now here is something very interesting. This image below was retrieved from a navy military website (

On December 9th, 2009, EISCAT had a few projects planned, including the TEQUILASunrise (Transient Effects Quantification Under Ionospheric Low Angle sunrise). Below is a link that confirms this event during the date of December 9th between the times of 0700-1100 hours UTC:

EISCAT Dec 9th Schedule

TEQUILAsunrise (Transient Effects Quantification Under Ionospheric Low Angle sunrise). The idea is to look at the polar wintertime mesophere through the transient caused by (scattered) sunrise around 8 UT. Interestingly, this happens to
be the maximum occurence time of the Polar Mesosphere Winter Echoes (PMWE).

From posting:

After reading up on this stuff I figured out they were performing an experiment on a layer of the atmosphere called the mesosphere, coincidentally, during the maximum time of PMWE (which is a time that the mesosphere reflects signals very well due to charged aerosols in it, as said in the title... Meteor dust). They used the sun coming in at a low angle to cause it to light up the area of the mesosphere they were hitting with VHF (Very High Frequencies). Basically, the overall goal of the test was to see it light up... like a "Tequilla Sunrise" And record the temperature, plasma density,etc in the effected area.

This information shows that once again, this had nothing to do with a rocket malfunction. That is simply the alibi they are feeding to the media. Through this information listed above, this proves the activation of the project Tequila SUNRISE through EISCAT on the morning of December 9th, 2009 in Norway.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Indian Scientists discover signs of organic life on the moon

Bangalore: Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) are on the brink of a path-breaking discovery. They may have found signs of life in some form or the other on the Moon.

They believe so because scientific instruments on India's first unmanned lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, picked up signatures of organic matter on parts of the Moon's surface, Surendra Pal, associate director, Isro Satellite Centre (Isac), said at the international radar symposium here on Friday.

Organic matter consists of organic compounds, which consists of carbon -- the building block of life.

It indicates the formation of life or decay of a once-living matter.

Pal said the signatures were relayed back to the Bylalu deep space network station near Bangalore by the mass spectrometer on board the Indian payload, the moon impact probe (MIP), on November 14, 2008.

The relay of data happened moments before it crashed near the Moon's south pole. The MIP was the first experiment of the Chandrayaan-1 mission, which was launched on October 22, 2008.

Pal, however, did not elaborate, but concluded saying "the findings are being analysed and scrutinised for validation by Isro scientists and peer reviewers".

"It is too early to say anything," said the director of Isro's space physics laboratory R Sridharan, who is heading the team of MIP data analysis and study. He, however, did not deny the finding.

DNA later inquired with other senior Chandrayaan-1 mission scientists, who not only confirmed the finding, but gave further details.

"Certain atomic numbers were observed that indicated the presence of carbon components. This indicates the possibility of the presence of organic matter (on the Moon)," a senior scientist told DNA.

Interestingly, similar observations were made by the US's first manned Moon landing mission, the Apollo-11, in July 1969, which brought lunar soil samples back to Earth. But due to a lack of sophisticated equipment then, the scientists could not confirm the finding.

However, traces of amino acids, which are basic to life, were found in the soil retrieved by the Apollo-11 astronauts.

The Chandrayaan-1 scientists, at present, are analysing the source of origin of the Moon's organic matter. "It could be comets or meteorites which have deposited the matter on the Moon's surface; or the instrument that landed on the Moon could have left traces," a senior space scientist said.

"But the presence of large sheets of ice in the polar regions of the Moon, and the discovery of water molecules there, lend credence to the possibility of organic matter there," he said.

Article Source:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

HAARP/Project Blue Beam responsible for Norway Lights Spiral? Signs leading to imminent ET Disclosure?

According to Richard Hoagland's article on, Richard Hoagland brings out his perspective and explanation on the Norway Spiral Phenomenon:

Initially, this visually spectacular event was thought by experts looking at those videos and images to be "just another Russian naval missile test"--

Until the Russian Navy denied it was responsible!

But then, in an abrupt public reversal, the Russian Defense Ministry suddenly claimed that this was, indeed, "a Russian rocket launch ...."

This belated (and 180-degree) lagging Russian "admission," unfortunately, has all the appearances of a hastily-ordered cover-up--

Of something "far more interesting" ....

The possible demonstration, on the literal eve of Obama's arrival in Oslo, of a blatantly public "Hyperdimensional/Torsion Physics technology" ... somehow, also connected to President's Obama's imminent acceptance of his Nobel Prize--

In conjunction with a carefully re-scheduled Russian missile test ....

Is it another "coincidence" that, just over the hill from Tromso, lies a high-tech Norwegian "HAARP antenna farm" -- the EISCAT Ramfjordmoen facility (below) -- specifically designed to broadcast powerful beams of microwave energy high into space ... thereby also creating blatant HD/torsion side-effects in the Earth's highly-electrified upper "plasma" atmosphere (ionosphere)? The facility is officially supported by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan ... China ... the United Kingdom ... and Germany.

A technology which -- with minor engineering effort -- could just as easily be turned into an almost unimaginable "torsion interferometry weapon" of mass destruction ... which, in a stroke, would usher in an even more terrifying "arms race" for the entire world ... if militarily deployed!?

Is this astounding apparition, in fact, a "Nobel message" to Obama ... as the most visible and currently powerful Peace Prize nominee in decades ... to alert him to the necessity of reigning in these "even more horrific 'torsion weapons of mass destruction'"--

While there's still time?

A torsion weapons technology which -- if utilized inside the Earth's electrified atmosphere -- would appear just like the mysterious "vortex appartition over Norway" ....

Stay tuned.

Article Source:

David Wilcock also shared his explanation on the Norway Spiral that collates with Richard Hoagland's theory as well:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Spiral Lights in China that occured over 20 years ago

The video below shows a light spiral similar to what occurred in Norway on the 9th of December. This video was filmed back in 1988 according to the video author.

This shows that the idea of a newly tested rocket from the Russians is simply that of a false alibi as this phenomenon has been occurring for the past 20 years.

My newest video in regards to the China spiral:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Follow up on the Norway Spiral Phenomenon

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bizarre Phenomenon Witnessed In Norway

(This is an article that has been translated from Norwegian to English.)

People in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark could just before eight o'clock Wednesday observe a strange phenomenon in the sky.

The phenomenon lasted for the several minutes and looked like a bright spin bass high in the sky.

Light Blue Track
The public has described it as a luminous sphere, which suddenly and quickly start to grow outwards in a spiral. Outer edges are the rings, while farther towards the center, they are bluish.

Helio also walked across the sky, and left a bright blue track, writes Altaposten.

Then spiraling collapse, it must have left a dark, round hole in the sky.

- Not man-made

Phenomenon left a light-blue slot when it moved across the sky.

Marianne Moen at the Norwegian Space Center does not know what phenomenon can be.

- We do not know of any man-made activity that may have caused this, "she added

Neither Tone Råby at Andøya Rocket Range has knowledge of the light.

By European Space Agency (ESA) in Kiruna, they have neither seen nor heard of any light.

- It has not been launched a few missiles here, confirms Rymdbolaget.

- No activity detected
Also at the force's operational headquarters at Reitan in Bodø is lysfenomenet of North Norway registered.

- Without that we can explain it. We've got the tips on a special light on østhimmelen as far south as in Bodø. We have so far not detected any activity on our systems that can explain this, "said press spokesman John Espen Lien to

- Launched from submarine
Researcher Pål Brekke of the Norwegian Space Center believes phenomenon of Northern Norway is caused by a Russian rocket.

- It can be launched from a submarine, "said Brekke.

He says that for about a month ago made a similar observation in the sky to the north. Then came the Russian authorities early in the course and confirmed that they had launched a missile from a submarine.

Brekke looks not ignore the fact that there may be a satellite or rocket that has fallen in the area.

To see a video on this phenomenon, visit the source link below:

An interesting synchronicity between this phenomena and this old Christian painting. What is that contained in the sky of the painting? Coincidence? I don't think so:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Timing Extra Terrestrial Disclosure

The post-Thanksgiving holiday season marks the beginning of a series of important windows of time for extraterrestrial disclosure by the Obama administration. The first time window came and went without any announcement. This has led to some skepticism that disclosure is imminent at all. Multiple independent sources, however, continue to insist that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent. All that is required is the right opportunity by the Obama administration to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life to the world. The main political constraint on a disclosure announcement is the November 2010 mid-term Congressional elections. A disclosure announcement would need to come well in advance of this, no later than the middle of 2010, when the partisan political environment becomes very heated as Republicans earnestly seek to regain Congressional seats. An official disclosure announcement would need to be made in a bipartisan manner and environment that does not favor either of the major U.S. political parties. This means that any time from the present up to early 2010 is the optimal period when official extraterrestrial disclosure will occur.

First time window passes as a non-event - November 27

Coming the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., the first predicted date of November 27 passed without any disclosure announcement by the Obama administration. The November 27 date was proposed by a whistleblower who first appeared through the Project Camelot website. Dr Pete Peterson was claimed by Project Camelot and others who interviewed him, including alternative science researcher David Wilcock, to be among the most knowledgeable and important whistleblowers yet to publicly emerge. Peterson claims that three independent sources confirmed to him extraterrestrial disclosure was imminent and privately gave the date of November 27 to the Project Camelot team. This is how David Wilcock explained it back on October 6:

We have one source, in particular, who has now heard [about Disclosure] from three different highly-placed sources in the intelligence community that he’s in contact with. These are people who don’t know each other and are not speaking to each other, but they do speak to him. They all have independently told him that a formal government Disclosure is being planned -- [likely] before the end of the year. They all had the exact same date for when this would happen, which I cannot say what it is. They all had the basic sequence of events that would happen. They’re all saying that the television time has already been booked internationally for a two-hour special.

The exact date of November 27 was supposed to be kept a secret but apparently was ‘inadvertently’ released at a Project Camelot conference. Wilcock explained what happened here:

Peterson said it was OK for us to announce that a formal government disclosure was pending, but strictly forbade us from saying the date. In Zurich, Switzerland, just a week later, during Bill Ryan's lecture -- also available on video -- I reminded him of Peterson's testimony from the audience. My stomach hit the floor when he actually said the date we were given out loud in front of the whole audience -- November 27, 2009. This was a spontaneous, maverick decision, and I knew right away it had dramatically reduced the possibility that it would ever happen on that day.

In re-evaluating the coming and passing of November 27 disclosure prediction date, Wilcock in a November 28 update, noted that providing a specific date makes it more difficult for the prediction to occur. Based on Peterson’s testimony and his own sources, Wilcock continues to believe that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent, but now believes this will occur in early to mid-2010 as new opportunities arise.
Second Time Window begins with Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech - December 10
Based on my own independent sources and exopolitical analysis, my favored time window begins soon after President Obama officially accepts the Noble Peace Prize on December 10. The period immediately after his acceptance speech up to the end of 2009, is a critical time for three main reasons. First, the level of partisan political debate is historically low during the holiday season which ends soon after New Year’s Day. Most importantly, it is possible to make an announcement with least social disruption due to the increased comfort levels of people during the holiday season when difficult political news can be disclosed with minimal public fallout. This observation and possible disclosure timing was first pointed out by exopolitical activist Stephen Bassett in his November 4 appearance on the syndicated national radio show, Coast to Coast AM.

Second, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama, though premature in the eyes of many, was a calculated effort to legitimize President Obama as a preeminent world leader who could rally international support on important issues. This is consistent with a secret co-ordinated international effort, that began in the United Nations from February 12-14, 2008, to prepare the world for extraterrestrial disclosure. After more than a year of unprecedented official openness on UFOs by major nations, the next stage of a coordinated international effort to officially disclosure the existence of extraterrestrial life has begun. The Vatican Astrobiology conference from November 6-8 , for the first time legitimized discussion of extraterrestrial life and its implications for the Catholic Church. Most importantly, the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Science positioned itself as a leading sponsor of scientific inquiry into extraterrestrial life. The Vatican initiative has set the stage for further official announcements that confirm the reality of extraterrestrial life. After his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, President Obama will be well positioned to authorize a disclosure announcement.

Third, Obama’s announcement today at the West Point Military Academy of increased troop levels for Afghanistan, will force him to take a major initiative in another area that augments his international diplomatic credentials. Obama, from the beginning of his administration, has made clear his intent to rebuild the international stature of the U.S., after the damaging political fallout from the preemptive Iraq war launched by his predecessor. Diplomatic initiatives such as reaching out to the Muslim world and pledging the U.S. to eliminate nuclear weapons in the future, were part of his all important international agenda.
Obama is strongly supported in his international diplomatic outreach efforts by his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. An Afghanistan troop surge will almost certainly be balanced by a very significant political initiative that promotes international diplomacy and peace. The disclosure of extraterrestrial life would allow President Obama to reassert his international status and diplomatic agenda while simultaneously showing his readiness to use military force when necessary. This is strongly supported by Clinton who has championed extraterrestrial disclosure during Clinton administration.

Third Time Window – Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama delivers his annual State of the Union address before the joint houses of the U.S. Congress some time during the end of January or early February 2010. The period leading up to an immediately after the State of the Union offer a bipartisan environment where a disclosure announcement can be made. Timing extraterrestrial disclosure with the State of the Union Address is important since the announcement would be able to symbolize the unity of the American political system in confronting future challenges. With the multiple challenges confronting the U.S. and the world after official disclosure, Obama will need all the political symbols and support he can gather in order to lead the U.S. during the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead.

In conclusion, multiple independent sources continue to point out that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent. Timing is the key. My own analysis points to two optimal time windows when this can occur. The first is soon after Obama’s December 10 Nobel Prize acceptance speech; and up to the 2010 New Year holiday period. The second window of time coincides with his 2010 State of the Union Address. As pointed out in my earlier article, the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 signifies the period when extraterrestrial disclosure is secretly being planned to occur.
The nature and extent of official extraterrestrial disclosure is unclear. It may involve a rather mundane announcement by NASA of the discovery of primitive extraterrestrial life in the form of microbes. Alternatively, it may involve NASA announcing the discovery of ancient (extraterrestrial) ruins on the moon as proposed by Richard Hoagland. Finally, it may involve an announcement of intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth as initially proposed by Peterson and supported by Wilcock. The impending official disclosure announcement is certain to be the first in a series designed to rally the American public behind the Obama administration as it deals with the implications of extraterrestrial life at both the domestic and international level.


Massive UFO Sightings over South America


A wave of mass UFO sightings across South America is currently occurring, leaving bewildered witnesses wondering if indeed beings from other worlds might be visiting Planet Earth. Stunned residents of towns and villages across Argentina, Peru and Chile as well as other nations have seen multiple objects ranging from ‘mother ships’ to ‘Cigar-shaped’ crafts over the last week alone. In at least one case a power outage accompanied such an event.

The event receiving the most publicity occurred in Salta, Argentina where at 2am on November 27 the city plunged into complete darkness as it suffered a total electrical failure. Phones stopped working and even taps ran dry. Allegedly intense heat engulfed the town and a huge ‘mother ship’ type UFO was seen above the town studded with flashing lights.

It is claimed that the town electricity failed at the moment the UFO was seen to pass over the power plant. Hundreds of individuals witnessed this craft. UFO researchers and government authorities have descended on the area to investigate this incredible occurrence.

In Lima, Peru hundreds of witnesses also observed, in amazement, at least seven seemingly other-worldly craft moving across the skies above their city. However some witnesses and UFO researchers have suggested that these might have been air balloons.
In the town of Iquique in Chile a bizarre, glowing, multicoloured, cylindrical object was seen by residents last Friday. This object was also observed by dozens of locals who saw it vanish above cloud cover after moving over the city for at least half and hour.

Finally, earlier in the month a UFO was seen by thousands of pilgrims to a spot where an apparition of The Virgin Mary is believed to have taken place. The UFO was filmed in this case and handed over to investigators but has not been made public.
These astonishing events have been picked up by local media outlets whose journalists are asking the question: Has first contact with aliens begun?

Extra Terrestrial Affairs Commission Coming To Denver in 2010?

Reporting from Denver and Las Vegas - Forget sky-high unemployment and those two wars overseas. Jeff Peckman has more earthly concerns:

For one thing, if extraterrestrials were to descend on Denver, what's the best way to welcome them?

Thanks to Peckman's tireless efforts and taste for the limelight, Denver voters will be asked in 2010 to boldly approve what no electorate has approved before: an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.

This week, Denver officials announced that Peckman had gathered about 4,000 valid signatures needed to place the issue before the 350,000 registered voters of the Colorado state capital.

If approved, the city panel would promote "harmonious, peaceful, mutually respectful and beneficial coexistence" between earthlings and extraterrestrials, in part by developing protocols for "diplomatic contact."

Its seven members would include an expert in taking testimony from people who've survived "direct personal close encounters" with aliens.

And in what certainly is good news for residents of Colorado Springs or Boulder who might feel left out, the initiative says: "Members who are not Denver residents may participate from anywhere in the universe."

When Peckman first launched the commission proposal last spring, it prompted some civic sniggering, even as he hit the talk shows, including David Letterman, to promote the idea.

"Ballot plan wants E.T. to dial 303," wrote the Denver Post. But now it's on the ballot, embarrassing just about everyone -- except Peckman.

"What would a commission demand of us as a city? Do they want to go to a conference on Mars?" deadpanned Councilman Charlie Brown. "We'll pay for a one-way trip."

That Peckman needed only 3,974 valid signatures to get the measure on the ballot is a sign, Brown said, that the bar for initiative petitions is far too low in Denver.

"If someone was looking to locate a business here, they'd think, 'What kind of city is this?' " Brown said Wednesday. (What indeed? Peckman submitted 10,274 signatures.)

Colorado, Brown said, hardly needed another "E.T."-inspired effort so soon after a Fort Collins family turned one of its sons -- with the aid of a silver floating saucer -- into "Balloon Boy."

"It's like saying you're going to have a ballot initiative about the existence of Bigfoot," said Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine.

Peckman, 55, is undaunted. He's used to setbacks. He had grown discouraged in recent months with President Obama, whom he hoped would release information revealing what the government knows about extraterrestrial beings.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scientists Claim: Aliens Exist on Earth

Scientists from Bulgaria have claimed that aliens exist on earth. This may inspire Hollywood to make another sci-fi movie.

"Aliens are currently all around us and are watching us all the time," said Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

"They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them," Filipov said.

"The human race was certainly going to have direct contact with the aliens in the next 10 to 15 years, but through the power of thought and not through radiowaves,” he said.

Asserting that the aliens are at present answering 30 questions asked to them by the scientists, Filipov said the scientists are ‘decoding a set of complex symbols’ sent by the extraterrestrial creatures.

The centre's scientists are studying 150 crop circles from around the world, which they believe answer the questions, according to 'The Telegraph' report. Even the Vatican, had established that aliens did exist.

The publication of the BAS researchers report pertaining to communication with aliens comes amid a debate over the role, viability and reform of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Last week it led to a heated argument between Bulgaria's Finance Minister Simeon Djankov and President Georgi Parvanov.