Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bizarre Phenomenon Witnessed In Norway

(This is an article that has been translated from Norwegian to English.)

People in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark could just before eight o'clock Wednesday observe a strange phenomenon in the sky.

The phenomenon lasted for the several minutes and looked like a bright spin bass high in the sky.

Light Blue Track
The public has described it as a luminous sphere, which suddenly and quickly start to grow outwards in a spiral. Outer edges are the rings, while farther towards the center, they are bluish.

Helio also walked across the sky, and left a bright blue track, writes Altaposten.

Then spiraling collapse, it must have left a dark, round hole in the sky.

- Not man-made

Phenomenon left a light-blue slot when it moved across the sky.

Marianne Moen at the Norwegian Space Center does not know what phenomenon can be.

- We do not know of any man-made activity that may have caused this, "she added

Neither Tone Råby at Andøya Rocket Range has knowledge of the light.

By European Space Agency (ESA) in Kiruna, they have neither seen nor heard of any light.

- It has not been launched a few missiles here, confirms Rymdbolaget.

- No activity detected
Also at the force's operational headquarters at Reitan in Bodø is lysfenomenet of North Norway registered.

- Without that we can explain it. We've got the tips on a special light on østhimmelen as far south as in Bodø. We have so far not detected any activity on our systems that can explain this, "said press spokesman John Espen Lien to

- Launched from submarine
Researcher Pål Brekke of the Norwegian Space Center believes phenomenon of Northern Norway is caused by a Russian rocket.

- It can be launched from a submarine, "said Brekke.

He says that for about a month ago made a similar observation in the sky to the north. Then came the Russian authorities early in the course and confirmed that they had launched a missile from a submarine.

Brekke looks not ignore the fact that there may be a satellite or rocket that has fallen in the area.

To see a video on this phenomenon, visit the source link below:

An interesting synchronicity between this phenomena and this old Christian painting. What is that contained in the sky of the painting? Coincidence? I don't think so: