Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are all Personal Time Travelers. The personal time dilation theory...

I was taking a walk today and during my walk, I looked at my watch and I noticed that it ended up being about 5 and a half minutes fast from normal time. When I did that, it was like a spark of inspiration, a download hit me and I received information on this situation.

All of us experience moments in time where our physical body is actually ahead or behind several minutes in comparison to normal time. It could be defined as relative time dilation contained within your own personal space.

Have you ever noticed that when you set your watch to the exact time of "normal time" and you check up on it a few days later, it can either be a couple minutes fast or a couple minutes slow? It's not because of the watch's battery, it's because of you.

This is why when you see people and meet them for the first time, they can tell you their age and it seems as if they look a little younger or older than their age suggests. Relative time dilation through our own physical body.

So how does this happen? At times where you forget or ignore that time exists being contained in the now moment. This can lead to a simple matter of seconds of entering a coalescent timeline in the future or time dilating back to a few seconds in the past. Your watch tells it all.

So this is an experiment you can try. Have a digital watch, make sure the battery is strong and check to see that it is synchronous with normal time. Over a span of two weeks, compare your watch to normal time and see if there is any displacement in between your watch's time and normal time. If you notice displacement say a couple minutes behind or a couple minutes ahead, etc. that means at sparatic times during those two weeks, you have shifted ahead or behind in the coalescent timeline and have aged or reverse aged yourself from those matter of seconds or minutes shown on your watch.

This shows how powerful we truly are. That its not our environment that is progressing ahead or behind in time, it is simply us. We can be the puncture of the time field. This is a working theory, but in accordance to my own personal guidance, it makes so much sense in regards to my watch phenomenon. But try this experiment and see how long you can go ahead in your own personal time or go behind in your own personal time. Have fun!