Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The opportunity of a successful, prosperous timeline ahead (2012-2050)

This was posted on the Atlas City Project forums, but I've also added some more information to this original posting as well:

With a lot of the researching I've been doing and my own personal guidance, I feel I've come up with a pretty good timeline ratio after the transitional shift of consciousness after 2012. This data again is all opportunistic but it can be achieved if we are committed to staying on this path where Atlas City becomes a solid reality.


TIMELINE 2012-2015:

The RBE city phenomena will grow more stronger. It will be the start of foundations becoming built as the first cities begin to grow. One of such can be that of Atlas City. By this time, the monetary system will literally become dead in the water and others may look to trade or barter. By looking at the example of the RBE, more people around the world favor this idea through the passion of the RBE builders.

TIMELINE 2017-2025:

Several cities are becoming constructed amongst the planet. The RBE foundations are beginning to show a lot of promise. Other advances will begin to shine forward including interstellar travel as the ability to travel through our star system will be as public as driving a car to a grocery store (between 2020-2025).

TIMELINE 2025-2033

Much of Earth has become part of a resource based economy. Some of the national borders have been removed. There is no idea of division between nationalities or labelling others through a nationality. Humanity begins to understand it's connection to nature and the universe. This will also allow open contact with other civilizations from beyond Earth to also assist us in increasing our means to see more of what lies beyond Earth and our star system. (Open contact will start very small around 2015 and will continue to build to a larger first contact summoned through us to them that will initiate an Association of Worlds between Earth and other civilizations before the year 2050.)

TIMELINE 2033-2050

All the ailments of the past that involved governance through a monetary system will literally be completely abolished around this time. Earth is now a collective of humans who truly see themselves as one with the planet. Our Earth will become more cleaner, healthier and more alive than it has ever been. Earth is now a complete Resource Based Economy. The idea of monetary gain or trade or swap will be completely unheard of. There will be no such thing as diseases, homelessness, starvation, corruption. It will all be swept away because we have truly awoken to what is. Earth looks like an entirely different planet. Nothing of what it is like today. The question of "Are we alone?" was a question of arrogance. Civilizations from beyond the Earth will be part of our new family to guide and assist us in becoming an official member of their Interstellar alliance by 2050. Meeting new civilizations, interacting with beings on other planets as easy as it is to pick up a telephone and dial a number. Our own abilities will be greatly accelerated psychically. We will literally become a peaceful collective: Telepathy, telekinesis, healing, manifestation will eventually become as simple as breathing to us.


Some may be wondering "Well that's too long to wait, I'll be old by then. I want to see this progression in my lifetime." The news I have for you is that if you are passionate in seeing this progress pass 2050, you will.

The technology is available now to allow a human being to live up to a life span of 200 years. Within the next several years, not only technologically will we have the ability to bring forth a life span of up to 1000 years, but consciously, we will be able to achieve this also. So for example, living up to a life span in your 500's would give you the physical appearance of a person in their 20's.

Now that you are aware of what awaits us through this momentum, doesn't that give you the passion to create what best benefits you in the now? Rather than concerning yourself with trivial distractions based on the NWO, or economic collapse, or any form of corruption, look at the momentum of the big picture.

So what do you need to do to achieve being part of this timeline?...Letting go. Following your passion to the letter. Even the simplest forms of passion are the avenues that lead to the divine manifestations of a reality such as this. When you dive into suffering, you are only becoming part of the problem and not the solution. When you give into fear or uncertainty, you taint your abundance that is capable of bringing you exactly what you wish to pursue through excitement.

When some one asks you, "aren't you tired of the problems in the world today?" You can gladly say "I'm not affected by them because I don't join in with the problems, I follow the world of solutions." There are literally are two themes of Earths that you can openly choose. The one where you remain with the problems and taint what you wish to truly experience, and the other where there are solutions based on feelings of passion and excitement to guide you. Two earths. Which one will you choose. The choice is entirely up to you.

This is the future that awaits us if we are passionate in pursuing the opportunity. Sounds like a good future doesn't it?