Thursday, May 27, 2010

Was the Western Canadian Spiral Hoaxed to be Called a Hoax?

A UFO was seen over Western Canada on Friday night. It became an internet buzz and one person stepped forward.

Kevin Martin, a Southern California resident, told that he was the hoaxer. He even provided a video example on how he could do it. Some say it did not add up. Martin was not too front with some questions we had to ask.

Martin has retracted his statement.

"I came forward to put this to rest, but I hoaxed that I actually created the hoax", he said. "Something did happen that night. Whether the video is fake or not the photos look convincing. Having your name out there is fun at times, but no more."

Martin is retracting, saying he was told to keep quiet by an unknown visitor to his residence on Tuesday afternoon and that he no longer wanted to be included in the UFO sighting over Western Canada.

Steven Murray contacted TheWeatherSpace after Martin had come forward.

"Martin is lying about it. Someone came to me on Sunday and told me to keep quiet about it. I cannot answer much about what I saw but something over Western Canada cannot be denied."

Murray has been asked not to be contacted by about the matter, in order to protect him and his family.

Whatever buzzed Western Canada on the evening of May 21, 2010 may never be solved, however the truth is out there.

15 more seconds of fame?