Friday, November 27, 2009

Any word on ET Disclsoure happenings for the 27th of November?

Unfortunately, no information has been provided regarding the November 27th date. I didn't really expect anything to occur for today as there was no hints or preludes to the possible idea of the November 27th disclosure.

This statement was mentioned on the Project Camelot website on November 26th:

Many people have asked us for our current view of the information provided to David Wilcock and ourselves in June by Dr Pete Peterson that "time had been booked with the networks" for an announcement about Disclosure by Obama tomorrow - 27 November.

We're not holding our breath: there's no immediate sign of this, and we doubt that this will happen. Dr Peterson himself stated as an immediate caveat that it was just a plan, and that plans often change. Our recent marathon audio interview with Clay and Shawn Pickering (alongside the most interesting July Barcelona panel discussion on Disclosure, which Camelot hosted) offers insight into the many problems of the subject. And as a note of interest, we were told recently by an insider source that a speech had been written for Bill Clinton - in his first term - as a Disclosure announcement. But of course, that never saw the light of day. We don't know why it was canceled.

Recent events, however, suggest a steady build-up to an announcement of something, sometime. Two weeks ago the Vatican held a conference on extraterrestrial life (we enjoyed the 'ET phone Rome' headline). NASA has now stated that there's water on the moon. And there have been more interviews by Larry King on UFOs this year then ever before. Like everyone else, we're watching and waiting for the announcement to be made: whether it's this year, next year, or in 2012, it has to come sometime. The world's as ready as it ever will be.


Even though nothing has occurred for this day of the 27th, I can gladly say that we are not far from events that can lead to a very large announcement. Previously, we have heard from the Vatican in their belief of extra terrestrial life, and to me, that is a very large-scale announcement. My intuition tells us that we are only a short time away before more is revealed. Perhaps through the idea of what could be revealed may involve information pertaining to the structures on the moon from the recent L-cross mission, or a press conference in the very near future from possibly President Obama revealing the existence of extra terrestrials and new technology that could greatly improve our way of life on this planet.

Stay tuned for further updates as they develop.

Brad Johnson
Creator of ET Disclosure 2009.