Thursday, October 15, 2009

ET Disclosure to occur November 27th, 2009?

According to Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, from eye-witness testimony from Dr. Pete Petersen, it has been reported that ET Disclosure could very well take place near the end of November this year. November 27th to be exact.

In this video, Bill Ryan states that the November 27th, 2009 date has a ritualistic numerological significance to it.

I decided to look into this further. Thanks to my good friend, Druanna Johnston, we were able to discover a possible explanation for this particular date:

"If you add 1+1+2+7=11 add that to 2009"
2+0+0+9 + 11 = 22

9 & 11 - 9/11? Are we onto something here?

Through my own guidance, for what it's worth, by accessing the collective unconscious I got the feeling of a 5 and a half to 6 week time span to when disclosure could occur. I also have heard from a couple other friends that have confirmed this as well.

So is November 27th the magical day? I am not sure, but it would certainly won't take long to find out as we're only over six weeks away. I will keep you updated.